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Power-Up Your Engagement with Spinify

September 15, 2023

Want to scale your company in the future? Are you looking for an innovative way to increase your revenue or grow your book of business? No matter what your goal is for your business, the secret to your success will always be your employees. Your team is deeply integrated in everything you do. If they aren’t engaged with their workweek tasks, projects, or company culture – your business will never reach its full potential. 

A fully engaged workforce is a powerful tool you can take advantage of to improve the workplace experience for all. On the other hand, disengaged employees can cost your company thousands. In fact, it’s expected that disengaged employees cost an additional $3,400 for every $10,000 the employee makes. So, if an employee makes $70,000 a year but is never engaged with their workweek tasks, it could cost you over $23,800 to keep them employed. 

That’s why employee engagement should always be a top priority. A highly engaged workforce can increase revenue, productivity, and overall efficiency. It can help you build a profitable company culture that thrives on open communication, collaboration, and productivity.

The problem? This is often easier said than done. 

At Spinify, we aim to create an innovative sales gamification software your sales organization can use to keep your team engaged and motivated throughout their 9-5. 

Here’s everything you need to know:

The Power of Gamification

To understand how exactly Spinify can enhance your workplace for the better, you first must understand the strategy behind gamification. Gamification is the process of incorporating game elements into a non-context. This strategy uses the same game mechanics as a video game but uses them in scenarios that aren’t always deemed fun. 

Doing this helps your team rethink their approach to their everyday tasks. It invites them to look at assignments, tasks, and projects as accomplishments – giving them a serotonin boost every time they reach a milestone, close a deal, or earn a badge. 

Gamification is commonly used in classrooms, professional environments, and consumer engagement. You likely interact with gamification daily – you just don’t notice! 

At Spinify, we’ve taken gamification concepts to the next level, integrating them into everything we do so you can fully experience the benefits. 

How Spinify Works 

Spinify is a sales gamification software that uses game elements to engage and motivate your employees. With our data-intensive dashboards, mini-games, and AI-powered tools – you can ensure your team is entertained with every aspect of their job. 

Our platform uses various game elements, including:

  • Badges, virtual gongs, and celebration songs
  • Custom data dashboards and performance grids
  • Mini-games and competitions
  • Leaderboards and progress bars
  • Prize wheels
  • Custom tiers 
  • Motivation badges
  • Personalized messaging and celebrations

Most workplaces can benefit from using different game elements at once. 

How Spinify Can Keep Your Team Engaged 

Our platform is designed to be an integrated part of everything you do in the workplace. Once your team is set up and integrated your company’s data into our platform, you’ll have access to all the dashboards and gamified tools. 

These tools can be used however you see fit. Whether you want to use it to track your team’s success, set up mini-games, or stay ahead of your recognition efforts. You can pick and choose which features best suit you and your team. 

Once you’ve integrated Spinify into the workplace experience, you can look forward to benefits such as:

Inspires Friendly Competition 

Who said the workplace needs to be all fun, no play? Whether it’s IT, recruiting, customer service, or sales – Spinify is here to help you develop innovative competitions and mini-games to keep your team engaged with their workweek tasks. 

With mini-games, contests, and weekly challenges, you can add a sense of urgency to work week tasks. This will inspire your team to go above and beyond when working. You can also take things to the next level by incorporating a reward or incentive. 

Instant Gratification and Recognition 

With our platform, your team will consistently be recognized for every accomplishment and milestone they reach. We even personalize the experience for each individual, so their favorite song plays when they receive a badge. 

We automate all of our recognition efforts, so all leaders need to do is choose the milestones. This will ensure every accomplishment is recognized and every team member feels appreciated for the value they bring to your team. 

Improves The Sales Process 

Your sales process is your bread and butter. It’s your team’s strategy, tactics, and tools to connect with prospects, bring in new business, and lock in renewals. 

If you’re using Spinify to engage with your sales team, you can fine-tune your approach to the sales process and ensure your team is engaged with every mundane task on their plate.

With our tools, you can ensure everyone is sending enough emails, booking enough demos, and making enough calls every day. If you notice someone isn’t meeting their weekly quota, you can use our dashboards to drive data-driven discussions while coaching them through the sales process.

Our platform has everything you need to set your team up for success and keep them engaged throughout your sales strategy.

Keep Your Team Motivated With Prize Wheels 

Our prize wheel integrates with our reward store, keeping your team engaged with their everyday tasks and encouraging them to reach higher targets. Our prize wheels are customizable. Whether you want to reward one of your top performers or keep things spontaneous – randomly choose five people from your customer service, sales, or IT department. 

You can also choose which prizes your team can choose from – customizing the experience every week or month. Whether you’re spinning for a spa day, gift card, or a cash reward – with Spinify, the options are endless. 

Enhance Your 1:1s

The 1:1 time you have with your team is vital to their success. Whether you’re coaching your sales reps through challenges or mentoring your recruiting team – this time managers have with each team member is necessary for their professional development. With our Manager Toolkit, you can personalize your approach to coaching for each individual on your team. 

Our Manager Toolkit includes coaching tools like notes, leaderboard graphs, performance grids, and playbooks. All of these work together to keep your team engaged and inspired for greatness. 

With the right tools, resources, and feedback – your managers can build a workplace environment that thrives on productivity and efficiency. These tools are an invaluable asset for your managers and sales leaders. It can help them restructure their work week and help each employee improve professionally. 

Improve Company Visibility

Whether you have a remote, hybrid, or in-office team, transparency, open communication, and visibility will always be needed. With Spinify, you can set up leaderboards and progress bars to keep your team in the know about their progress for a given time period. This is a great way to improve company visibility and keep your team on task. If they see their coworkers making more calls or reading through more resumes than them – they’ll feel inspired to take on more tasks during their workweek.  

If you have an in-office team, we recommend using one of the TVs in your office to showcase your company leaderboard. Set a goal for the week or month – and let the games begin! Every day, your team will know exactly where they stand with the company and how many more calls, emails, or demos they need to book to climb the leaderboard. 

Unlimited Access to Spinify Sidekick 

Spinify Sidekick is our new AI-powered tool that aims to enhance the gamification experience for you and your team members. With our tool, your team will stay engaged with their tasks. 

Our AI-powered tool aims to provide:

  • A personalized experience for each team member based on your industry and sales data. 
  • In a creative rut? With Spinify Sidekick, you can develop smarter competitions tailored to your industry and your team’s goals.
  • With tailored achievements, you can feel confident your team will always be celebrated and recognized for their accomplishments. 
  • Spinify Sidekick will help you stay creative, coming to the table with a variety of motivational badges you can use to keep your team engaged, inspired, and motivated. 
  • Struggling to keep new hires and top sellers engaged with workplace activities at once? With our customizable tiers, you can create a custom experience for each individual on your team, helping them stay aligned on their personal goals. 

Engage With Your Team, The Spinify Way

Spinify is an invaluable sales gamification tool for your company. Whether you’re looking to increase your customer service department’s productivity or the sales process for your sales reps- we’re here to help you gamify your approach to the workplace, keeping your team engaged with all their tasks and duties. Once you’ve made an effort to make Spinify a part of everything you do, you’ll see an increase in productivity, efficiency, and more. 

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