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Sales Enablement 2022 Goals

February 9, 2022

Sales Enablement Goals

Sales enablement isn’t a new phenomenon. In fact, it’s been around for most of the last century, and all of the current one. However, it’s interesting to note that many companies are still unaware of the tactics associated with successful sales enablement. Luckily, we’ve got your back! 

This article will cover all you need to know about improving your brand’s sales enablement game in 2022. We’ll go over goal-creation, popular marketing techniques (including sales gamification) and discover how to create a goal priority list. 

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A Brief Inquiry into Sales Enablement

Before we jump to goal-creation, let’s have a quick review of what sales enablement is. 

Breaking down the term ‘sales enablement can help us better understand what it means. First, we have ‘sales,’ which tell us that sales enablement deals with buying, selling, and marketing. Naturally, this implies that we’ll also be addressing clients, customers, and their demands and expectation.

The second half of the term, ‘enablement,’ highlights the need to create a seamless system for boosting sales. The generation of sales depends on how accessible a product or service is for the consumer. Hence, sales enablement teams must focus on creating a comfortable shopping environment for prospects. This ultimately helps companies generate more revenue, allowing them to succeed in their sales-related goals.

To help ensure a smooth-flowing customer experience, companies often hire the following sales enablement representatives:

  • Content creation team to curate usable text-based or photographic content 
  • Marketing experts to help meet sales goals
  • Customer support reps to help facilitate consumer journeys 
  • Sales managers to oversee the entire process 

When all sales enablement team members work together in harmony, it becomes significantly easier to achieve mutual goals. However, before goals can be achieved, they must be set.

Sales Enablement Goals for 2022 

The start of a new year is an excellent opportunity to turn over a new leaf. This is particularly true for those working within the sales enablement department. Remember, annual financial reports are usually published before the new year begins, making it an excellent time to critique company success.

Following the last point, we can use these reports to understand any weak points within the sales strategy. Remember, the best way to move forward is to learn from old mistakes. Let’s explore this idea further in the next section…

How to Prioritize and Set Goals

Below is a collection of tips to help you set effective and achievable goals for your company in 2022:

1.    Review the Sales Process

Reviewing past sales and revenue records can help us understand how efficiently (or poorly) a company’s sales reps are working. In addition to going over financial statements, consider asking your sales enablement team to provide an end-term performance report. This report should ideally summarize the process and results concerning every significant marketing project conducted in 2021.

Reading the report will equip you to understand where your sales team currently stands. You’ll also gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses and any pain points that need addressing.

2.    Identify Pain Points 

When reviewing your team’s old work, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How effective is your team’s communication with the client?
  • Does your team have an efficient follow-up mechanism?
  • How well do prospects respond to your customer support team?
  • Are prospects satisfied with your team’s recent marketing efforts?

Next, consider the following points to assess where there’s room for improvement:

  • If your team’s client communication is poor, come up with ways to improve it
  • Replace poor follow-up mechanisms with better strategies. This will help your company create a loyal returning customer base.
  • Any problems within customer support should be solved immediately
  • Rate your team’s marketing tactics by putting them into a hierarchy that measures success. Swap out lower-ranking marketing strategies with better ones

Understanding your sales enablement strategy’s pain points is the first step towards achieving greatness. 

3.    Conduct a Market Trend Analysis

The modern market is more competitive than ever before. So, if you want your company to be the best, focus on first understanding what makes other brands so successful.

Learning from those currently bringing in a higher revenue can help your company eventually reach its level. Most brands are popular because they are marketed exceptionally well, have a loyal customer base, or successfully meet client demands—all of these practices concern sales enablement teams, which is why you must look into them.

Another leading cause behind a brand’s success is its ability to stay updated with current market trends. This ties in with the point above about such companies successfully granting consumers what they want. In other words, they have managed to strike a balance between supplying prospect demands, hence maximizing company revenue.

But to meet customer demands, you need first to understand what they need. So if your sales enablement team hasn’t already come up with a report on consumer trends, put it on the agenda for 2022! 

4.    Implement New Marketing Strategies

It’s time to gear up and try new marketing tactics in 2022! Adopting unique sales strategies will help you beat market competitors and create a loyal customer base. 

Gamification, for example, is a trendy strategy that’s recently caught fire. You can try adding gamification elements when selling a product. There are many ways to add gamification to your brands sales tactic, including drafting a point system and giving regular rewards to long-term clients. 

5.    Upgrade Existing Sales Enablement Technology

Effective sales enablement tools can help your team improve its performance in 2022. Consider investing in CRM and related software as this can enable your sales enablement employees to achieve company goals faster.

Albacross and  Brainshark are two popular sales enablement platforms to improve employee productivity.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article will have granted you valuable insight into setting new sales enablement goals for the upcoming year.

Don’t forget to pay close attention to employee satisfaction while you’re at it, too. Don’t forget; a happy employee is a productive employee! Be careful not to overburden your sales team with work in the excitement of trying to achieve new company goals! 

Also, be sure to draft easily achievable objectives. A common mistake corporations make is expecting their sales team to yield exceptional results without equipping them with the right tools. To avoid this, look into new software to help boost your team’s performance.

You should also conduct regular coaching seminars to sharpen your sales community’s existing skillset. Adding gamification to the mix can also help you achieve your new year’s revenue goals. You can learn more about available gamification resources on Spinify.

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