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BLOG / Sales gamification and alignment guide

Sales gamification and alignment guide

August 2, 2020

In recent years, gamification has caught the attention of many sales leaders. Sales gamification has proven to boost 11% to 50% performance in the sales department. If deployed right, sales gamification can do wonders for your company.

Many people, including me, took the term, sales gamification wrong in the first place. I know games shouldn’t be played at work, but it’s not what sales gamification is all about. Sales gamification is incorporating game-like tactics, environments, and mechanics into the sales department.

Gamification in the sales department has brought success to many companies. But before you start making most of the sales gamification, you need to understand it properly. I’ll quickly brief the concept in the next section.

Sales Gamification

Before I tell you about the compound term, sales gamification, it’s better first to explore what does gamification means. The term, gamification, refers to including game-like elements in any activity.

Gamification can be running a contest with a leaderboard as many games use this pattern to rank players. Furthermore, it can include awarding a person with a gift after he completes a specific task – like in games a player unlocks items after accomplishing objectives.

Gamifying the sales department is known as sales gamification. The possibilities of incorporating gamification into your sales department are endless.

But why should one use it? How will it assist my or your organization to be better? Check out the top reasons to use gamification below.

Reasons to Use Gamification in Your Organization

Bob Marsh said, “Corporate giants such as SAP, Comcast, PayPal, and Stanley Black & Decker are tapping gamification to inspire sales teams, some of the country’s best and brightest companies have leveraged gamification theory and produced legitimate business results.”

So gamification has some real potential. Check out the top reasons to consider gamification for your sales teams.

It Serves As a Great Motivation

Do you know the main reason behind the popularity of multiplayer games? It’s the surge of dopamine that drives your brain to find a valuable item or complete an objective. The same concept plays its part when applied in the sales department.

If your employees are expecting a gift or surprise after completing a particular goal, the dopamine shot will motivate them to keep striving. The dopamine will activate in their brain before completing the task and assist them in achieving it.

Gamification serves as an excellent motivation for everyone, and it makes the task more enjoyable.

Easy Tracking & Trailing

Sales gamification allows you to easily track the progress of every member of the sales team. No matter which idea you are implementing, adding a leaderboard, using the point or rank system, everything can be tracked with spreadsheets, whiteboards, or special sales tracking software.
Initializing a sales gamification software in your system can make the tracking and trailing of tasks even more simple and straightforward. Furthermore, it allows a sales manager to assign tasks, see real-time results & measure performance-based goals.

Ensure Completion of Goals

As your employees know that they will get something to complete goals & milestones, they’ll work harder. Bonus, prize money, or surprise, no matter what reward system you have incorporated, it will make employees complete goals before the deadline.
Your employees will be devoted to complete one goal and quickly move onto the next one. This way, you, as a manager, won’t have to worry about the completion of daily, weekly, or monthly goals.

Make most of the gamification concept in your sales department and see the success rate reach new heights.

Recognition of Individuals

One great thing that sales gamification does is give recognition to every individual. This results in two important things. Firstly, people who are working hard and making significant progress will get the attention they deserve. On the other hand, people who aren’t performing well will get the motivation to be on the top-charts like their peers.

The recognition opens up new doors for everyone in the team. It creates opportunities for the master-minds to mentor and collaborate with other people. On the split side, people who are struggling will get to know about the shining stars and eventually seek guidance from them.

Gamification applied to the sales department works like a charm! Next up, I’ll tell you how one can use sales gamification to inspire the sales team.

How to Use Sales Gamification to Inspire Your Team

Agents get bored following the same routine every day. Here’s how you can use sales gamification to inspire your team.

Add Short-Term Tasks & Goals

With more milestones and short-term checkpoints, your agents will be able to complete them quickly and look forward to moving ahead.

Modify Game Plan According to Everyone

Don’t set the goals that are hard for an amateur or too easy for a professional. Modify the game plan so that everyone feels that the game is fair and challenging.

Reward Valuable Prizes & Gifts

No one likes to compete for rewards that aren’t valuable. Set prizes and gifts that are attractive to all your team members.

Now I’ll discuss the most important point of the whole article. Below are some ideas that will help you add the trend of sales gamification in your company.

Hand-Picked Sales Gamification Ideas

Check out the following ideas and implement the one that suits your business environment.

Award Random Prize

Select a valuable random prize and award it to the best seller on your team. Additionally, you can select the top three sellers and reward them with random prizes.

Sales Lottery

Give lottery tickets to every member of your sales team according to their performance. Sellers will accomplish goals to collect as many tickets as possible.

Start a Tournament

Set up a championship where the members of your sales team will go head-to-head with each other. Only one person will come out on top as a winner to claim the bumper prize!

What’s stopping you from adding the sales gamification concept in your sales department? Start applying it today to see a whole new performance boost in your company.

Put those insights into practice.

Set your team up for success by improving their performance through gamification.

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