Motivate your team to perform better by making each goal more rewarding to reach.


Motivate your team to perform better by making each goal more rewarding to reach.


Reward points and bragging rights for
every target or milestone achieved.


Set up automatic badges based on
activities or goals to reward the


Create tiers to encourage better
performance and help your team
members compare stats.

Why gamify your
workflow with Spinify?

Create friendly competition in your team and motivate them to perform better. Make each task more that recognize their contribution.

Adam Latham

Vice President of Growth Strategy,
Double A Solutions, LLC

We have increased production month over month, every month even during covid. The gamification is an excellent way to motivate your teams on a daily basis.

What gamification brings to the table

Retain more employees

Improves team accountability

Increase employee performance


Why Sales Gamification Works

From being a buzzword to something gimmicky, sales gamification was used to label a bunch of different things. But most of them were not actually relevant to actual sales gamification.

Make work more

Automated celebration

Kick off the celebration when you want every time.

Fully customizable

Create custom messages for any occasion.

Play your song

Choose the celebration song for every goal and milestone.

Congratulate your reps

Send personalized messages to your team to celebrate them.

Ring the gong

Have virtual gongs ring with your custom message for the team.

Youtube videos

Get creative and upload songs or choose a video to play along with the celebration.

Personalized Memes

Inject some personality into your announcements with personalized memes.

Motivational Messages

Inspire the team to keep doing their best.

Keep your team engaged and connected

Inspire teamwork and individual effort to boost productivity and morale.
Stay connected whether you’re at the office, working from home or on the road.
Entice your team to perform well and communicate targets, goals, and processes.
Use words, emojis, gifs, memes and even songs to cheer on the team.
Share accomplishments with ease to the entire company.

A change of pace without disrupting your workflow

Spinify integrates seamlessly with your existing platforms. 

What customers are saying

Gamify better performance

Unlock your team’s potential by making work more engaging. 

Help level up your team