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Spinify Introduces New Partnership With Intercom

September 20, 2018

Spinify and Intercom are proud and excited to announce that they have banded together in a strategic partnership designed to boost office morale and promote efficient company growth by encouraging team members to strive for success.

Intercom, which was founded in 2011 is a global platform used by more than 25,000 businesses, including software-analytic giants New Relic and e-commerce experts Shopify, to accelerate company growth and all facets of the customer experience, from new client acquisition to increased support for consumers and heightened engagement.

The chat-based platform is an intelligent dashboard offering accurate live analytics that can be effortlessly projected onto a communal TV to assist teams with viewing instantaneous results. From conversion spikes and drops to ticketing and more, Intercom allows teams to act quickly and efficiently by focusing on the key areas that require immediate attention for continued active growth.

Its clean appearance is designed with ease-of-use in mind, allowing users to smoothly cycle through multiple dashboards making it an ideal tool for strategic planning meetings without the clutter and confusion of traditional analytics systems.

The partnership is a slam dunk for Spinify who utilize team leaderboards to engage team members by motivating performance with easily digestible visual statistics from the comfort of your desktop. With Spinify leaderboards, teams highlight specific goals which encourage its members to continue striving for the next ring on their performance ladder and celebrate successes the moment they happen.

Having been a long time admirer of the impressive impact of Intercom integration within a wide variety of businesses, it comes as no surprise that Spinify CEO Matt Bullock is thrilled to be working with the popular chat platform.

Not only do the two applications work seamlessly together, but they also make it possible to integrate other applications like Salesforce, Pipedrive and Google Sheets on a single screen to further streamline workflow and accelerate progress.

In a simple three-step process, Spinify connects with Intercom allowing teams to immediately begin reviewing critical metrics that can be utilized to determine what areas of the business require the most attention.

Put a positive spin on your office culture with Spinify and Intercom integration by visiting the Intercom app store today.

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