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Top Tips for 2021 to Improve Your Recruitment CRM Data

January 14, 2021

Data is a vital part of the recruitment process. It informs policy decisions and determines what course of action a business takes. And in 2021, with the extremely tight competition in the market, any error in the data can prove to be absolutely disastrous for a company.

Therefore, you must always work on improving your data CRM. The question then becomes, how can you improve your recruitment CRM? The answer is two-pronged. First, you have to analyze the quality of the data you already have. Second, you work out ways to improve that data continually.

Once you do both, you’ll be able to make informed decisions for your company and watch it grow. This will establish the foundation for your business. Then you can add features like leaderboards and automated celebrations to motivate your workers and implement your policies.

Analyzing data

Before you can improve your recruitment CRM data, you need to know where you stand. Once you have analyzed your position, you can craft the best way forward. These three tips are great ways of doing so.

Delete duplicate contact details

Most CRM software have a deduplication tool that removes excess contact details. Use it to clear out your data pool.

Use data metrics

There are a few metrics that measure the quality of data. You can sort data by one of these metrics and clear out the information by looking for anything that sticks out. Some of these metrics are:

  1. Time taken to fill
  2. Fee percentages, pay rates, etc.
  3. Applicant source
  4. Contact information

Assess the information backing your process ratios

All companies host dashboards that show their recruitment ratios. To analyze your data, you need to dive deep into the background of those ratios and look into how they got there. For example, the typical data chain should go through each step from putting up the job to hiring the applicant.

Accessing and then analyzing this information is an excellent way to find any weak links in your data collection.

Improving the quality of your data

If you want to go one step beyond analyzing the quality of your data and taking steps to improve it, we have a few tips for you. These are tried and tested methods and are bound to get you results.

Bump up visibility

You need to have data, but you also need to be able to understand it. Simply having a load of information won’t help if it isn’t comprehendible and organized. Use different visibility measures to make information easy to digest, and your team is more likely to integrate it into their business decisions.

If using the data is more trouble than it’s worth, your team will run away from it. However, if it is straightforward and uncomplicated, they might just enjoy working with it.

Use KPIs

Set categories for various KPIs and then keep track of them. If your team knows you’re watching for success, they’re more likely to do the work as compared to something you’ll never investigate.

Pick the right KPIs, and you’ve done half the work. The other half is coaching your team to meet them, and that’s where reaching out to firms like Spinify can be helpful.

Shift to real-time data

The idea here is simple. Real-time data is more helpful than old data will ever be. By the time you get weekly, monthly or even weekly reports, it is too late to do anything about the results. If you have real-time data, you can respond to poor results in real time and mitigate damage.

Pick data leaders

Give someone the responsibility of being the data keeper. If you add things like improving data quality to their job description, they get to own the task. Because if they don’t, they may miss out on increments and put their jobs at risk.

Also, accessing data becomes easier because everyone in the office knows where to find it.

Bring up data as much as possible

Bring up data everywhere. From board meetings to team meetings and even in incubators, all discussions can benefit from the addition of quantitative facts. And if you do it enough, they will become a necessary and expected part of decision making.

This can also push people who may otherwise have disagreed with your ideas on the spot to look for data before they contest them. Only data can fight data, and if they begin arming themselves with it, you will have been successful in your mission to improve data quality.


If you want to improve your recruitment CRM data, your end goal will probably strengthen your recruitment sector as a whole. Reach out to Spinify to build the data-driven success you’re ready for.

We have worked with various companies and understand your business needs. Because of our experience, we can help you figure out what KPIs to use, how best to bump up visibility, and how to motivate your team.

Put those insights into practice.

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