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Why Gamification Can Help Your Team – Six Solid Points

November 22, 2020


Now you have learned the basics of gamification. But you are still concerned about how and why gamification can help your team. Well, that’s what we are going to cover in today’s article.

Gamification is still more of a buzzword these days as people haven’t learned enough about the results of the concept. And that’s exactly what we are going to explain today. Stay with us to learn why gamification can help your team get the breakthrough and march towards success.

With that being said, let’s move towards the six solid points on why and how gamification can help your team.

Enhances Productivity

Gamification enhances the productivity of teams who are using it. According to one article, 90% of the employees feel more productive when their team was using gamification. Gamification helps team members to achieve their tasks and goals more rapidly. Even outside work hours, gamification makes the employees compete for ranks, points, and rewards that fuel teams’ overall productivity.

When a team is using game-mechanics like leaderboards, competitions, ranks, and incentives, the members give their all to complete tasks and goals that enhance the overall productivity of their team. Everyone is competing with one another, which makes them give their all and disincentivizes distraction and procrastination.

Doubles Up Motivation

The center of gamification is the achievement and reward system; this motivates all the members of a team (that’s using gamification) to go all-in with their hard work, productivity, and sweat. There’s nothing more encouraging to them than winning the competition. The challenge will result in rewards, outstanding achievements, and performance recognition.

According to TalentLMS, 79% of employees claim that they have gained motivation and purpose in their workplaces just because of gamified activities. When used right and according to the employees, gamification works as a great motivation booster in every industry.

With the right rewards and achievement opportunities, gamification can work as a great motivation factor.

Open Creativity Doors

Employees of any company often hesitate to share their thoughts and ideas. However, with gamification, the doors of creativity get opened automatically. As every member of the team is competing against each other for rewards, recognition, and achievements, creativity is in full flow. Every member seeks to get ahead by using different tactics and procedures, which boosts creativity.

Everyone is keen on making it to the top of the leaderboard and win the competition that automatically pushes them to be creative and unique in achieving goals and tasks. Gamification truly aids in bringing out the creativity in teams and helping them achieve new heights of success.

Pushes Collaboration

When minds get stuck, they seek information and help from different sources. And that’s the scenario you’ll see in teams that use gamification. For instance, when a team member will get stuck on a specific problem, they will not hesitate to ask for help due to their eagerness to impact performance metrics, win rewards, or score points. As such, this will increase the collaboration factor amongst the team.

The team members’ overall fire of collaboration will help the team move forward and achieve tremendous success. Lastly, everyone in the team will feel they are important and will urge them to bring more to the table.

Highlights Achievers and Hard Workers

One of the main advantages of gamification is that it highlights achievers and hard workers. As gamification software track points, progress, tiers, ranks, and more of every single member of the team, it helps to easily identify achievers and hard workers. And that inspires low or average achievers to work hard and get into the limelight in the next round or the competition.

Another significant advantage of highlighting achievers is that it builds confidence and the urge to perform in the team. When individuals get applauded for their contributions and hard work, it will automatically spark the whole team to contribute more and keep the hustle going.

Help Meet Goals

Last but not least, all the above points directly help the team to meet goals and tasks. When team members are collaborating, being productive, staying motivated, and being creative, it helps the team complete more goals in less time and effectively.

As the team will be able to achieve more goals in less time, they will be highlighted and promoted in the company. More people will get inspired, and the cycle will keep repeating itself to benefit the company.


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