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Solving Data Visibility and Bringing the Team Together

Jacob Kinsman is the business operations manager at Harcourts Packham. They’re running a diverse team of 30+ sales professionals with different age groups and different levels of experience. Since Harcourts had offices split across the city, Jacob found he was struggling with bringing the team together. Spinify did a great job to make the data visible on the screens and Jacob loves how easy he can now track the progress against the actuals and against the industry averages. More than that, Jacob says, “ I love the gamification that Spinify brings to the table” and it definitely helps bring the teams across multiple locations together.

An Opportunity to Celebrate Success and Reward Good Sales

Jacob appreciated the easy setup of Spinify leaderboards. With Spinify, they get a chance to celebrate all sorts of things “from $1,000,000 sales, to record number of appraisals, to hitting targets.” Jacob told us that their management team made the decision to show all agents on the leaderboards including those ones who might be underperforming and might not be hitting their targets. And he found that this has actually been a really good drive for the team as “none of them want to be towards (the) bottom of the board, they really do strive to climb that ladder”.

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