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For the builders and protectors, for the makers and explorers, for those shaping and reshaping our world through hard work and inspiration, Stanley Black & Decker provides the tools and innovative solutions you can trust to get the job done.

What do you and your team like best?

I love the ability to create, edit, and customize my incentive programs at will! I have worked with other vendors in the past that required me to send them SFDC reports, and do extensive setup on the back end in order to run programs. Even after all the legwork, the system still never worked correctly, and required me to constantly focus my efforts on troubleshooting instead of running the program successfully. Spinify’s system works flawlessly, allows for easy setup and integration, and looks amazing from a GUI standpoint. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of the platform, and how much more productive and hassle free it has made my life.

What business problems are you solving with Spinify?

We run product training schools for a sub brand of Stanley Black & Decker called LENOX. These schools are hosted for our distributor partners. This relationship is important due to the fact that we do not sell our products direct, only through them. We make a significant investment in them by hosting them at our facility, spending 3 days training them, as well as paying for their food and lodging. The expectation is that they return to their home territory, and sell our product now that they have all the knowledge and tools needed due to attending our school. However, in the past we have seen limited engagement from them, mostly due to a lack of commitment on their end, which I believe is due to a lack of incentives provided by us. Spinify has allowed us to run incentive programs for them that we use to keep them motivated back on their home turf.

What is your primary role when using this product?

I am the product training manager for my brand, so I use this product as an administrator. It is my responsibility to drive sales growth, so I am constantly looking for ways to make our product training schools more fruitful. Being in a training role, we are constantly being asking to provide ROI, and to essentially justify the cost of running our schools.

The results:

It is still early on, but the benefits of using your platform from an administrative perspective are amazing. I spoke about it above, but being able to add users and customize leaderboards at will is so appreciated. Also, the phone app has also added an additional level of engagement, and provides yet another way for us to stay in contact with our customers when they leave our facility. More benefits to come as we start to roll out more incentive programs, and use Spinify as a tool to drive sales growth.

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