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Increased staff engagement and focus on activity levels with Spinify


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Spinify + Global Payments

Global Payments is a payment services provider. They have around 25,000 e-commerce customers. They help business get into online selling and then manage and grow their businesses. They run inbound and outbound call centers to handle customer inquiries and sales. They have 70 TV’s in their office to display team member activity performance. This iterative function requires constant engagement and motivation of the reps.

How data is tracked

Staff at Global Payments are focused on two separate areas for sales. Firstly selling payment gateway services and secondly the onboarding team who finalize the customer activation process. Managers in Global Payments are aware that the best results for sales and onboarding comes from focusing staff on the input or lead indicators. The lead indicators are synced from Salesforce, Sales Cloud objects such as leads, opportunities, applications as well as custom objects used by Global Payments.


Global Payments uses the Spinify channels function to great effect. Leaderboards and messages relevant to the sales team show on the TVs in the Sales area while leaderboards and messages for the Onboarding team show in their area, which is separate from the sales area. Global Payments Manager Bryce Marshall has highlighted a number of benefits of using Spinify:

1. Increased staff engagement and focus on activity levels

  • 30x more interaction with deals leaderboard than Salesforce reports
  • Reps look at the leaderboard 20-30 times per day, double this at end of the month. they are only looking at Saleforce reports every couple of days
  • Immediacy of the information drives action on behalf of the reps to overtake their peers.

2. Visualization

  • The Sales team love the visibility of their and colleagues performance and the immediate leaderboard changes as they update Salesforce activity fields.
  • The variety of backgrounds and ability to upload custom images. It keeps everything fresh and engaging.

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