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Westkey Graphics have increased Activities and Outcomes using Spinify!





Teams using Spinify

Sales Team

Management loves using Spinify to recognize team members who are doing activities and excelling! Team members are hitting 1200 over Quota using Spinify!

Engages the team but keeping things fun, the implementation is incredibly easy!

Seeing the Positive response from the team is gre at, Personalizing the platform is incredibly easy!

Super Simple, Super easy and Super Cost Effective!

Josh Mellot is the Director of Business Development and Westkey Graphics. Westkey Graphics a manufacturing company with a large team. His team are happy using Spinify as it’s been driving their outcomes and activities! The responsiveness of the team was a big part of the Westkey team having a lot of success with Spinify! In the beginning his team didn’t use a formalized CRM, the Spinify support team worked with Josh to program his Google sheets.

It’s exciting for management to see the outcomes with real time data behind it!

Westkey Graphics favorite feature is the activities vs outcomes. From a management perspective, Josh said “It’s exciting for management to see the outcomes from those activities, with real time data behind it!”

It was incredibly easy to implement Spinify!

Josh’s team has been able to see their employees do 1200% over what their quota is, or what they’re trending towards. His team loves the customization of Badges and how fun it is being able to give them out to team members.

Josh and his team at Westkey Graphics said that it was incredibly easy to implement Spinify, from the Google sheets integration to being able to walk through outcomes and activities, management and the ability to visualize data over time!

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Keep your team engaged and motivated to excel with Spinify.

Keep morale high and the celebrations going

Motivate your team to do better every day

Play their favorite songs for every milestone

Ring the gong and celebrate with everyone

Add a bit of personality with memes

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If you're considering using Spinify to help motivate a large or a smaller team, I would say without a doubt, definitely 'Go for it!'

This is a great feature for the team, to keep things light-hearted even at times when you know the grinds get going and as a Sales team, they get busy!

It’s allowed us to take things that were offline and bring them online!

Gamify better performance

Unlock your team’s potential by making work more engaging.