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spinify leaderboards


Scores and rankings change as your reps update activity information. Customize the background, colors and layout of the leaderboard. Choose the type of competition from single person, single goal, head to head or multi player.

Multiple metrics

Track all the KPIs that contribute to success with multiple metrics on a single leaderboard.

Beautifully designed

Choose from visually appealing layouts and customize the content that gets shown to fit your companies style and brand.

sales motivation

Individual targets

Level the playing field and set custom targets for each rep so that they are all competing to hit their own goals.

Fun race themes

Looking for something different? Up the fun factor for your competitions with our fun leaderboard themes.

Control the competition

Know the state of play at all times and at a glance. Customization, personalization and granularity allow you to choose what is right for staff to focus on today.

Head to head

Head to head challenges create a fun, competitive atmosphere for your top performers. Up the competition level even more with our head to head duel feature. Challenge another participant to a duel and compete on the same metric as the parent leaderboard until the end of the day.


Setup contests to help build excitement in the team. Run games like Elimination which focuses on the bottom tier and randomly eliminates the person in last place.

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