Forcepoint found their perfect solution to encourage sales competitive nature


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Stoked and encouraged the naturally competitive nature of sales agents

Easy setup and administration and connected to Salesforce & reports effortlessly

Perfect Solution to Stoke Their Competitive Nature

Steve Muccini is the senior manager in Sales Enablement of Forcepoint. Sales culture at Forcepoint is as much as it is in many high-tech companies and sales are naturally competitive. Steve is looking for a way to help stoke and encourage that natural competitive nature and to drive the organization to follow a certain cadence that is controlled by the management team.

“Being able to connect an actual gamification platform into that entire experience is… is perfect for us”, Steve shares,” It absolutely helps because now the agents get recognition up on the broad” and they have their managers , colleagues to make comments and prompt people.

Ease of Administration and Responsive to Customers’ Needs

Forcepoint is using Salesforce integration so it’s important to keep the information current and accurate. Steve found that Spinify is easy to admin and setup leaderboards that connect directly into the same fields that they use in Salesforce to report. What Steve really likes about is the fact that “[Spinify] they’re very attentive to my interests and needs.” He shares, “they’re very responsive to our needs and might need specific feature requests or any support issues. We’ve [been] dealt with very quickly.”

Steve Muccini

Senior Sales Enablement Manager, Forcepoint me that’s one big part of it is how Spinify is engaging with reps, how they’re paying attention to it and how it’s helping them to become better sales teams.

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This is a great feature for the team, to keep things light-hearted even at times when you know the grinds get going and as a Sales team, they get busy!

It’s exciting for management to see the outcomes from those activities, with real time data behind it!

It’s allowed us to take things that were offline and bring them online!

Gamify better performance

Unlock your team’s potential by making work more engaging.