Zendesk + Spinify

Activities Tracked: Tickets closed

Looking for a way to engage and motivate team members to do more activities and update the tickets in your Zendesk instance. Monitor employee performance in a highly visible way with Leaderboards set on their key ticket activities.

Sharp visualization of the leaderboard on a TV, browser or mobile device makes current progress against targets and other metrics easy to view and understand. Visibility prompts action by team members to be on top of the ladder.

Gamify staff with engaging competitions.

Cool Features

Set up leaderboards in minutes. Together with Zendesk, Spinify makes an immediate impact to the activities done by your team members for better company results.

Team Goal

Get your team working in harmony with a leaderboard where the goal is for the team to close a total of 50 tickets in one day.


Get the team collaborating when each service agent needs to close 30 tickets for the team to win. Watch as your seasoned pros start helping new staff so everyone wins.

Set the Target

Celebrate team members as they hit their target to close a number of tickets, set by you, in given timeframe. You control mechanics and celebrate the victories.

Rev the Team

Need to light a fire under the team? Leaderboards provide visibility of performance. This motivates team members to close more tickets so they aren’t last.

Healthy Competition

Fuel the competition amongst the team by seeing who are the top five to close 100 tickets and watch those open tickets drop.

Plus More

Setup leaderboards as you need them, you choose the goals, timeframes, participants, rewards and metrics. Or use our pre-configured leaderboards.

How to create Zendesk Leaderboards

Log in to MySpinify

Connect directly to your Zendesk account

Run leaderboards on data from Zendesk

Setup Is Easy

  1. Login to Your MySpinify Account
  2. Integrate Zendesk with Spinify
  3. Zendesk users are automatically mapped to your Spinify Users
  4. Set up your leaderboard
  5. Close Tickets to climb the ladder!
Spinify create a Salesforce Leaderboard