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AI and Machine Learning in Sales: Practical Applications and Best Practices

June 29, 2023

ai and machine learning in sales

AI and machine learning technology is growing at a rapid pace. These tools are essential to workplace productivity and can help sales teams brainstorm new ideas and automate their workweek. While AI technology is still relatively new, research suggests it can boost productivity and improve workplace efficiency. 

As a business leader, you may hesitate to incorporate machine learning into your workweek. Will it actually help my team improve? Will it distract them from their goals or keep them on track?

But the truth is – If you aren’t using AI and machine learning, you risk falling behind your competitors. Because your competitors are most likely already finding innovative ways to use machine learning models and using sales best practices to get the most from it. However, there’s a time and place for everything. Artificial intelligence software and tools aren’t always the most practical choices for many sales-related tasks and projects. 

We’re here to walk you through how to get the most out of using AI tools in the workplace.

Let’s take a closer look:

What is Artificial Intelligence?

gamification and ai

AI stands for artificial intelligence. AI-driven tools use artificial intelligence to automate workflows, brainstorm new ideas, content creation, and more. These tools are handy for helping with everything sales-oriented tasks, including writing emails, organizing customer data, or lead qualification. 

However, there’s also a fun side to AI. 

At Spinify, we combine AI with gamification to provide a next-level experience for your sales team. We use gamification to motivate your team to go above and beyond in the workplace. Every day when they clock in for work, they’ll feel inspired by their success.

You can turn the workweek into a fun and engaging experience with game elements and artificial intelligence. Our tools use real-world ideas to inspire productivity, creativity, and real-time brainstorming. 

Why Sales Teams Need AI

Let’s be honest – you have a lot on your plate. From juggling phone calls and emails to demos and client meetings – it can all start to be overwhelming. With AI tools and software, you can avoid mundane tasks and organize your workweek to-dos. This will help you improve your relationship with your customers and help you stay on top of your tasks. 

Consider all the small, time-consuming tasks your team works on throughout the week. These small tasks can start to distract your team from getting out of the office to visit clients or booking demos. With machine learning, you can eliminate the need for mundane tasks and help your team get time back in their day. 

AI Best Practices 

With ongoing changes in tech and new products and developments – it can be easy to want to try everything. Artificial intelligence can be beneficial for the whole team. However, you’ll want to set some ground rules and find the best ways to use them in your sales best practices. 

Here’s what to consider:

Know Your Goals and Purpose 

Ask yourself: Why are you using AI? What is your goal for the software? Is there a problem you’re looking to solve? 

Your goals can help guide you toward the best and most beneficial tools. Consider using artificial intelligence tools to improve your KPIs for the month, quarter, or year.

Know What Projects Require a Human Touch

Not every task can be done by AI. You can’t rely on AI to make calls, set up demos, or meet with your clients. You can use it to automate some of your everyday tasks. However, remember to review what AI is taking care of so you know when and what requires a human touch. 

This will improve your relationship with your customers and help you close more deals in the future.

Avoid Plagiarism

If you’re using tools like chatGPT to write content, you’ll want to be careful not to copy and paste. These tools are not designed to create fresh new content with every search. This means someone asking the same question or prompt may get a similar response. 

You should always use the tool as a guide for inspiration. 

You can use the content as a baseline for your project. Then, find ways to add a human touch to the content before using it. This will help you avoid plagiarism and ensure your content looks and sounds like it’s coming from a human. 

Practical Applications For AI

There are many ways your sales team can use AI to revamp their workweek and restructure their priorities. These tools and software are designed to help each individual get more time back to focus on what matters most: Your customers. 

Here are ways you can use machine learning algorithms for sales:


If your team is still analyzing customer data or manually adding notes – you risk falling behind. These mundane tasks can lead to human error and be time-consuming. With AI tools and software, you can help your sales team stay organized and operate more efficiently. 


Sales teams can use AI to help them automate follow-up emails. This takes the stress out of follow-ups and helps you stay on top of the mundane tasks of the workweek.

With Spinify Sidekick, you never need to worry about planning or scheduling fun ways to keep your team engaged. Our tool uses automation to keep your team engaged. 

Brainstorming New Ideas 

Are you in a creative rut? Looking for new ideas for sales pitches or emails? AI can help you rethink your workweek tasks and bring fresh new ideas to the table. You can use these ideas to revamp your current strategy to meet the needs of your customers and your prospects. 

With Spinify Sidekick, your team will always have access to intuitive creation tools. When your team isn’t motivated, they can use our tool to set up a new competition. We help you create fun competitions for your team and provide suggestions based on your industry and goal. This is a fun way to increase engagement and keep your team inspired by the product or service you provide. 

Content Creation

AI can’t precisely write your content completely. However, it can help you brainstorm new ideas for emails, landing pages, direct mailers, and other projects. You can use these AI-driven tools to rewrite old content and get more creative with the language you use.

Sales Contest Software

AI can also engage and entertain your sales team with their workweek tasks. Our tool Spinify Sidekick combines AI and gamification to create next-level sales contest software. With this tool, you can personalize the experience for each sales rep, providing them with smarter competition and intuitive experiments. With Spinify, you can also set up a leaderboard and progress bars and give your team badges when they reach a new milestone. 

Experience Spinify Sidekick 

Spinify GPT powers our AI gamification tool and is one of the only sales contest software you need to ensure your team is engaged with their workweek. Our tool is designed with your team in mind and is there to help improve workplace efficiency for the better. 

With this AI-powered gamification tool, you can look forward to the following:

  • Creating tailored achievements that align with everyone’s goals and milestones
  • We’ll help you generate them and develop custom tiers for each contest
  • Use your industry and metrics to brainstorm new badges
  • Create smarter competitions based on your sales goals and priorities

Upgrade Your Work With Spinify

At Spinify, we have AI to enhance the sales process. Combining AI and gamification can improve the workplace dynamic for you and your sales team. Spinify will keep your team engaged with their everyday tasks and help them brainstorm new ways to approach the sales process. 
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