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Top 10 Sales Leaderboard Best Practices

November 8, 2019

Sales Leaderboard

In this article, we will discuss sales leaderboard best practices.

Sales reps are competitive by nature.

There’s nothing sweeter than the adrenaline shot you get when you realize you’ve not only reached your personal target for this quarter but your entire team’s target, as well.

It’s easy to get hooked on that feeling.

However, what matters is sustaining your sales team’s success.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make sure your team keeps excelling with sales leaderboards. 

1. Track Actions that Drive Wins 

Sales team that shape up to be excellent performers exceeding quotas every quarter usually don’t just track revenue. 

They track actions that bring revenue.

Everything your reps do moves the needle forward and help you meet the target; from phone calls to opportunities, and ultimately ending with KPIs such as won deals/lost deals. 

And while you may already use metrics like deals won/lost, you should also start using behavioral KPIs.

With Spinify, you can track multiple metrics that matter to your sales team, and use them to create the final tally on a single leaderboard. 

Your sales reps will love knowing that their actions count, not just the revenue they bring in.


2. Integrate Your Leaderboards with Your CRM Tool

Your sales leaderboard data has to be two things: accurate and timely. Unfortunately, a lot of CRM tools don’t come pre-equipped with sales leaderboards. 

However, you can use a sales leaderboard software that integrates with your CRM

This way, your sales reps will always see the relevant scores on leaderboards. If they see they’re lagging behind, you can bet they’ll start calling prospects right away!

Sales managers love using Spinify to display and monitor real-time sales data. Clear progress visualization encourages their reps to excel. 

And since Spinify integrates with CRM and sales software like Salesforce, Pipedrive and Hubspot, motivation is a piece of cake!   


3. Make Your Sales Leaderboards Fun with Gamification

Yeah, doing your job properly is rewarding. But it’s even more rewarding to actually get points, feel recognized, and enjoy the thrilling ride that is sales. 

Industry leaders swear by gamification; companies close more sales in a few weeks of gamification than they’ve done in the whole year. 

Gamification aspects you can use for your leaderboards are:

  • Points and achievements
  • Contests
  • Rewards

It’s as simple as that!

Gamification makes leaderboards and competition fun.

Your sales reps can monitor their progress, get points for meeting goals and targets, and you can even set up a reward system. 

Gamification is easy with Spinify; you just have to set your leaderboards, and help your team do their best work.


4.Team Up!

Your sales process doesn’t have to be “every rep for himself” to be successful. Sales managers love Spinify for its numerous leaderboard features that encourage teamwork.

You can set up your leaderboards to track the progress of teams

Simply pair up your sales reps or sort them into teams whose scores will accumulate to help them win the top spot. It works wonders for encouraging teamwork and healthy competition.

sales leaderboard best practices

Set up specific goals, reward achievements, and help your team work together. 


5. Encourage Everyone – Not Just Your Top Performers

When your sales reps see all the praise funneling to top performers, they can get discouraged. 

Unfortunately, this is a serious problem for the majority of sales teams. 

Top performers keep rising to the top, motivated by their leaderboard scores, while others fade into the background. 

So if your leaderboard only encourages your top performers, they’ll keep being successful. But no one else will. 

Sales teams frequently use Spinify to set individual targets for reps, helping them compete with their previous selves. 

It gives reps a great feeling of satisfaction to see how much they’ve improved over time.


6. Make the Rewards Really Rewarding

The key to leveraging your sales leaderboards to exceed your quotas is understanding the different reps you have on your team.

Some of them are highly competitive – the main reward for them is knowing that they’re the best. Others, however, prefer knowing that they’re steadily improving. 

Of course, no one can say no to a tangible reward.

Make sure you reward your reps with the things they care about.

In Spinify’s reward store, you can set up the rewards you want to give to your sales reps, and they can redeem their points. 

It’s a dynamic process that results in higher job satisfaction levels!


7. Monitor Progress in Real-Time

One of the sales leaderboard best practices is to monitor progress real-time! Sales teams frequently struggle to adopt leaderboard solutions because of one very simple reason: they’re complicated to maintain.

So if you want to make sure your reps are motivated, you should use a leaderboard that pulls real-time data.

With Spinify, you and your reps will always be able to visualize your progress. Set up the integrations once, and forget about tech. 

Focus on success. 


8. Coaching with Leaderboards? You Bet!

Your reps may be awesome, but they need your help to be even better.

Now, this usually means holding one-on-one meetings and tracking their progress manually. However, with great leaderboard software, you can make coaching a lot easier.

Pay attention to every rep’s individual performance, and offer them helpful suggestions. Spinify will even alert you to behaviors you should be keeping an eye on!


9. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

The best way to ensure your reps use leaderboards to improve their performance is to remind them of their existence.

Sales Leaderboard in TV

Display your leaderboards on office TVs, computers, and in the most visible spots. 

This way, your reps will always have progress on their minds!


10. Personalize the Appearance

Every team is different, so leaderboards can’t be identical either. 

For that extra push in the right direction, personalize the appearance of your leaderboards for your sales reps. 

Set unique targets and create competitions that matter.

Sales Leaderboard

With Spinify, not even the sales quota is the limit!


Create Amazing Sales Leaderboards with Spinify

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