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B2B Tools To Make Your Business Thrive

We know that’s valuable time you’d rather be working on your business, so we compiled a list of 11 essential B2B Tools To Make Your Business Thrive that you should definitely have on your radar this year if you want to see your teams’ efficiency improve and your revenue numbers grow. With technology advancing as quickly as it is today, staying on top of the latest innovations can feel like a full time job in and of itself.

  1. Intercom

    One of the most important things businesses should focus on is the navigational flow of their website to ensure that potential customers can find what they’re looking for with ease. The more difficult this is for them, the less likely you are to land the deal, so we’re kicking off our essential marketing tools list with Intercom and their Live Chat compatibility.

    What better way to serve your visitors than by ensuring that someone is ready at a moment’s notice to better guide them through your website or answer any questions they might have about your product?

    It’s as easy to use as it is to integrate and it carries the ability to save previous conversations or attach your e-mail address to have a copy sent directly to you. If you’re short-staffed that day, the live chat defaults to a classic contact form, so either way, your customers will be able to reach you with their questions. The best part? You can use these chats to better determine the needs of your customer base. If you find that the same questions are being asked repeatedly by different users, you know this is something your company should address more openly on your website and fast.

  2. Pardot

    When it comes to automated marketing few compare to the effectiveness of Pardot. This is one of the most important aspects of your marketing campaign because it effectively acts as a digital footprint for all your potential clients or customers, showing you the behind the scenes of every mouse click made on your website.

    Sure, you can focus on your overall sales, but what about the specific words, headlines, or photos that caught your future customers attention to begin with? With Pardot you can easily see and analyze every part of your marketing campaign, from your weekly newsletter to your daily blog, where that click came from, and how many related links it leads them to. That’s valuable information just waiting for you to grab with Pardot.

  3. Canva

    Whether you’re a pro designer or new to digital graphic design, Canva is a highly resourceful, user-friendly graphic design platform that comes equipped with free to use templates, or, for the more advanced the option to start fresh with specific dimensions tailored to your finished design.

    If you’re creating infographics, banners for social media, or full-fledged advertising campaigns, Canva makes bringing your ideas alive easy, which your team will thank you for. The faster it is for your sales team to present your message to potential clients, as with stunning visual designs, the faster they can close the deal.

    Canva is also entirely web-based so you don’t have to worry about fitting all your team members out with expensive design software; as long as you have a stable wifi connection, you can work on your ideas on-the-go, too.

  4. Hootsuite

    These days if you don’t have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, do you even exist at all? This holds particularly true for up and coming businesses. The fact of the matter is today people want information immediately at all times, and every potential customer has their own preferred means of obtaining that information, so you have to be active on all platforms. So how do you do it? With a social media management system like Hootsuite.

    Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple live streams in an easy to read dashboard and update them individually or all at once, publish breaking news immediately, or schedule posts for specific dates and times. Depending on the size of your organization, you can even set up multiple users to manage your Hootsuite without having to share your profiles’ passwords, keeping your accounts safe and secure while allowing you to delegate tasks or specific profiles to your team.

    While you still have to do the initial leg work, you’ll save a ton of time by integrated all your social media profiles with a management system.

  5. Constant Contact

    E-mail marketing is often an intimidating part of managing marketing for businesses, but it doesn’t have to be with web-based services like Constant Contact that require absolutely zero technical skill to get your email marketing underway.

    Getting started with Constant Contact is as easy as signing up for a free account, plugging in your business website address, and sitting back as Constant Contact works some of its magic. In just those steps, Constant Contact pulls your brand colors (defined by what is most prominent) and your logos from your website and applies them to email marketing templates that now only require you to customize their content to your needs. From there, sending out your first email marketing campaign is as simple as plugging in your intended recipients’ addresses and hitting send.

    Constant Contact also allows you to track key metrics from your content to see what your subscribers are most interested in hearing from you so that you can curate your content accordingly in future campaigns.

  6. RankActive

    For businesses serious about tracking their online metrics while monitoring how they fare up against their competition, RankActive is a comprehensive SEO toolkit intended to do just that. With Rank Active you can keep an eye on exactly where your website falls on popular search engines while gathering the necessary analytics you’ll need to propel your business forward.

    RankActive can also act as your personal site-auditor, maintaining your pages by ensuring that all your links are driving towards their intended destination, sweeping for technical errors that require your attention, and seeking link building opportunities for you to improve your SEO presence. For a well-rounded look at how well your business is maintaining a web presence, RankActive might be just the tool you need.

  7. LeadSquared

    If you’re looking to improve your leads and close deals more efficiently, there’s LeadSquared marketing automation. As a cloud-based software, sharing insights with your team and prompting items for review is easy to integrate into your existing team structure, allowing for independent users to work simultaneously for a more efficient workflow.

    LeadSquared makes it easy to curate marketing campaigns towards the specific target as it automatically segregates your leads based on your predetermined variables, like demographic location or areas of interest while assessing your web tracking, lead scoring and landing pages, as well as email and drip marketing, all while tracking your sales and generating new leads. It’s an intuitive and essential tool for any business looking to get a better handle on their conversion metrics.

  8. iContact Pro

    Stayin on the efficient and effective train, iContact Pro is a highly user-friendly set of tools that focus on the key areas of modern marketing: email marketing, automation, and integration with Salesforce.

    Curating your monthly newsletter is as simple as drag-and-dropping. It allows you to narrow in on A/B splits on a sleek, modern interface. Whether you’re looking to better integrate your social media pages or create landing pages that inspire, iContact Pro is highly intuitive to your business needs. It can also serve as an additional analytics funnel to assess your long term marketing plans for continued increased sales.

  9. Improvely

    What good are the metrics from your most recent marketing campaign if they don’t account for things like click frauds? That’s where a platform like Improvely comes into play.

    Improvely is an all-in-one solution to click and conversion tracking, including affiliate marketing and split testing. It is designed to allow you to identify each source of your sales while inspecting each source for any suspicious activity, a feature that can save you a ton of your marketing budget over time. The platform was created with user-friendliness in mind, so even if you’re new to conversion tracking you’re likely to see value in a tool like Improvely.

  10. Mypixel

    Mypixel is a highly effective retargeting software that is built to capture your web viewers’ attention and encourage them to stay on the page. Whether you’re looking to add a promotional animated banner, a standard static banner, or video billboards to your website, mypixel has you covered. Once you’ve built your campaign, mypixel helps you even further with its advanced artificial intelligence that does not need to be manually adjusted to retarget its audience, ensuring that you’re getting the best return on all your campaigns, all the time.

  11. Wistia

    Video marketing is one of the biggest emerging trends in digital marketing today. It’s definitely something you want to start considering adding to your marketing budget if you’re not already.

    Wistia is a leading video hosting platform that makes it easy to manage all your videos while outfitting them with proper branding, logos, and customizing your call to action. Additionally, Wistia also collects the data from all your videos, assessing how well it’s performing and how long its keeping viewer attention so you can determine over time what types of videos best speak to your audience. With Wistia on your side, you’ll be the Spielberg of Advertising in no time.

  12. Spinify

    Spinify helps you increase sales, engagement, and improve culture! See quick results in performance while changing office culture with epic team goals. Celebrate success, recognize reps, and coach to win. Improved visibility on TVs, mobiles, and web.

    You can create Lively leaderboards using your own data to celebrate and motivate in real-time via amazing gamification techniques. The result is increased performance and amazing culture.

    The solution lets you add fun and excitement to your team by ranking their performance and celebrating their achievements on an interactive leaderboard platform. Using your own data and integrations into many systems, Spinify helps your team focus on the goals they need to accomplish while improving company culture.

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