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6 Best Sales Award Ideas To Motivate Your Sales Team

September 30, 2022

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Want to inspire your sales team with great sales award ideas?

Sales incentives are a hugely successful way of improving performance, so how can you effectively utilize them?

We take a look at six awesome sales award ideas.

Why are Sales Awards Important?

Goal setting and rewards play a huge role in success. 

In fact, you’re 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.

The question is, what’s driving your employees to set challenging goals?

It might be job security, career progression, or loyalty to the brand, but is this enough to ensure salespeople are pushing themselves to reach the highest goals?

Whether it is or isn’t, there’s something else you can add that ensures your employees’ goals align with those of the business. 

Sales incentives. 

A lot of people ask, “do sales incentives work?” And the overwhelming answer is yes, they do, but you do need to implement them well. 

39% of employees feel underappreciated at work, and 77% feel they would work hard if they received more recognition. These sales award ideas can meet this demand and help drive your sales team forwards.

6 Best Sales Award Ideas

Rewards clearly work – it’s a part of human psychology. 

The real question is how to incentivize sales staff. 

We’ve looked at some of the most effective sales awards to see how you can boost motivation and engagement within your team. 

1. Gamification

Gamification is an incredibly successful way to break big goals into smaller chunks and create a system of continuous rewards. 

It allows you to recognize your top performers in terms of sales as well as employees who meet other important targets. The best part is that gamification can give people recognition in a fun, collaborative way.

Gamification is increasingly adopted to create a system of sales incentives, and it works!

Think about how addictive games like Candy Crush or Angry Birds are with their points, levels, and badges.

Now imagine applying those principles to sales award ideas, and you’ve got a powerful motivational tool. 

2. Cash Bonuses

You can get as creative as you like with your sales incentive ideas, but sometimes keeping things simple does the trick. 

People love cash because they can use it however they like. 

It can take care of the basics of life, like paying bills, or it can be used to splash out on a luxury treat – it’s up to the employee. 

Cash bonuses are powerful tools and clearly one of the best sales incentives, but they are limited. Firstly, your business has to work within financial constraints (there’s only so much you can offer), but secondly, it’s a very impersonal reward. 

This is why cash bonuses are even better when used in conjunction with some of these other sales award ideas. 

3. Development Opportunities



People don’t want to feel like they’re stuck in a loop. They want to know that they’re working towards a brighter future. 

An excellent way to use this as an incentive is to make development opportunities (both personal and professional) available for your salespeople. Remember that all your employees will have personal goals that are unrelated to the business, so how can you help them achieve those goals?

An extension of this is making sure you promote from within. 

This shows that success will be rewarded, which is one of the best sales incentives you can give. 

4. Vacation Time

Success isn’t just about the number of hours you put into something. 

Your employees need time to recover and refresh their energies, ready to give 100% to chase their goals. Not only does a good vacation policy help keep your employees in top form, but it can also serve as a great sales award idea. 

Vacation sales award

Why not reward your top salespeople with extra vacation days?

You can easily create a quarterly leaderboard and offer an extra vacation day for your top salespeople.

Want to take things a step further?

Why not offer a paid vacation for the employee with the most yearly sales?

5. Upgraded Technology

Everybody loves getting hold of a shiny new gadget. 

If you’re looking for sales incentive prizes, it’s hard to go wrong with the latest technology. This could be anything from a new desktop computer to an ergonomic mouse or a top-of-the-range office chair. 

The important thing is that it’s a sign of your appreciation and intended to make your employee’s life easier. 

It’s essential you don’t just focus on sales but also encourage improvement by setting alternative metrics and targets that constitute success

6. Team Bonding

Individual performance is a big part of sales, but ultimately, it’s about the team. 

Your sales team should work together to achieve your business goals, and when they accomplish this, you should reward them as a team. 

An element of competition can be great, but you need your team to pull together to do what’s best for the company. When we ask “what are good sales incentives,” we tend to think individualistically, but you need to consider the team element. 

Some great sales awards ideas can be a team fine-dining experience, a team bonding trip, and many other incentives designed to bring people together. 

How to Make Your Sales Award Ideas Work Well

Sales awards are most effective when you have a high level of engagement. 

For example, if you only reward the top-performing salesperson each month, then many people won’t be engaged by your incentive (particularly if you have a large team). 

Your goal isn’t to make everybody the best salesperson in the company because that’s impossible. Instead, your goal is to get the best possible contribution out of each person, so your sales award ideas should reflect this. 

Try to break goals down into smaller chunks, and make sure you’re rewarding regularly. 

As we mentioned with our first sales award idea, gamification is an excellent way of doing this. 

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