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Beyond Sales: Innovative Ways to Apply Gamification to Other Departments

July 25, 2023

Gamification is a powerful strategy businesses can use to increase workplace productivity across various organizational departments. When every branch of your company functions at the highest level, you’ll see your team flourish in ways you didn’t think were possible. 

Gamifying the workplace focuses on enhancing everyday processes for your team and turning every experience into something fun and interactive. This theory uses game elements to motivate team members, keep them engaged with their workweek tasks, and drive them closer to success. 

Let’s explore the different innovative ways other departments can use gamification to improve staff satisfaction across the company so that you can drive your entire team toward success, not just your sales reps. 

Let’s dive in:

How Is Gamification Used During The Sales Process?

Before we dive into the different departments, it’s essential to understand how gamification can motivate sales reps. Gamification is the process of incorporating game elements into non-game contexts. This means tools like leaderboards, point systems, and badges can help keep team members on track. Whether it’s making calls, sending emails, closing deals, or meeting revenue goals – with gamification, you can motivate your sales team to go above and beyond with every task they have on their plate. 

With tools like Spinify, business leaders can turn the workplace into a fun-filled experience. Employees come motivated, ready to take on tasks knowing they might receive a new badge or move higher up the leaderboard if they close a few deals. A recent study found that gamification is effective in helping individuals improve their skills on assessments 14% higher than on tasks with no game elements used. Gamification is the way to go if you want to see your team thrive and succeed. 

How Spinify Can Help Different Industries and Departments

Our gamification software is a fully customizable solution that you can adjust to meet the needs of your company and the various departments within it. Whether you’re tracking KPIs, tasks, or performance metrics – once you’re set up with Spinify, you can adjust your leaderboards, competitions, and other game elements to align with the goals of each department. 

Here’s a closer look at how different departments can use gamification software to enhance the workplace experience:

Recruitment & HR

Talent acquisition and human resource professionals are responsible for recruiting new team members, keeping new hires engaged with onboarding, and building a positive workplace experience for the team. This department can use gamification to keep track of how many CVs they received for a job opening, job offers, or how recruits are progressing through learning modules.

Tech Support & IT

Your tech support team can use gamification to stay organized during the work week. Using elements like progress bars and leaderboards can help them track resolved tickets and customer experiences. 

As a leader or a manager, you can use these game elements to track your IT department’s daily progress and reward team members that exceed expectations any given week, month, or year. Rewarding your team members for closing all their tickets or closing the most tickets will inspire everyone to give the workday their all every time they clock in. 

Customer Support

We like to think of the customer service team as an extension of the sales team. They are there to be the face and voice of your company, answering your customer’s questions or concerns while they call the call center. Whether you’re tracking contact information in the CRM, phone calls, emails, or problems solved – there’s always a use case for incorporating gamification. 

When using gamification to inspire your customer success team, you’ll want to consider the goals and KPIs you have set for the team. What are you hoping they accomplish every time someone calls the support line? How does someone exceed expectations in a customer support role? Defining the “why” will help you create a gamification strategy that leads your team to provide excellent customer service. 

Lega offices often have a ton of interns and new hires at any given time. Leaders in the workplace can use game elements to ensure every new hire is on track to meet their goals. You can also use gamification to track top performers and coach the interns through the learning stages. When using a tool like Spinify, legal offices can also track case closures, new customers, and deals as a team – keeping everyone engaged on the workweek wins. 

Health Care, Medical & Pharmaceutical

Professionals in the healthcare space always have a ton of work on their plates. Whether prospecting for health insurance, following up with patients about their annual checkups, or completing their daily follow-ups, leaderboards and badges are the go-to moral exercises to keep your team engaged with the mundane tasks of the workweek. Badges are there to remind them that the work they put in never goes unnoticed! While gamified leaderboards will inspire your team to get competitive and to go above and beyond during the 9-5.

Education, Training & Assessing

Gamification is a popular strategy in the education industry. It’s a tool that helps students retain more information and strengthen their understanding of a particular topic. Some common game elements teachers and professors use include mini-competitions, interactive videos, trivia sessions, and games. 

Travel, Recreation & Hospitality

Let’s say you’re managing a team of travel agents. You want to help them stay motivated to book trips before the chaos of summer arrives. You can inspire them by turning the work week into a game. 

Every booking they finalize, call they take, and meeting they set up with a traveler will push them closer to reaching their goals. Game elements like progress bars will help them keep track of their success. Managers can then reward badges to anyone that meets their goals. 

Gyms & Fitness

We all need some extra motivation once in a while – even when you’re obsessed with the gym! Front desk workers and gym employees typically have two responsibilities: Greet employees and sell memberships. To ensure your team does both parts of their job daily, you can use leaderboards, progress bars, and badges to motivate them. When they clock in to start their day, they’ll feel inspired to connect with prospects – knowing they may get a reward for reaching their quotas. 


If you work in the sporting industry, you’re already competitive! With gamification software, you can capitalize on this competitive spirit and use game elements to keep your team interested and engaged with their goals. Teams, coaches, and leaders can use software like Spinify to track each team member’s performance. Whether it’s player averages or top performers – with gamification, you can turn any experience into an interactive experience for everyone. 


If you have a team of security guards that require extra motivation, gamification is here to help. You can help your team keep up with their everyday tasks by turning the workweek into a mini competition or game. 

Tasks like inspecting and patrolling the premises regularly, monitoring surveillance cameras, and securing doors and windows before clocking out for the day are small, mundane tasks that your team needs to keep top of mind before the end of the day. With gamification, you can help them stay on top of these tasks with progress bars and leaderboards.

Solar & Utility management

Solar or utility management workers spend a lot of time out in the field, fulfilling orders, meeting with clients, and maintaining equipment. It’s easy for service teams who work in this sector to get distracted or not feel connected to your brand. By gamifying the workplace, you can inspire your team while they’re in the field. You can use leaderboards and progress bars to show them how close they are to meeting quota and to motivate them to go the extra mile. 

Advertising & Marketing

The marketing team is in charge of maintaining your brand’s image across various channels. Whether it’s creating social media posts, updating the website, or sending out an email campaign – these are all tasks they must do daily. With gamification software, you can inspire your team to go above and beyond with these tasks. For example, you can host min challenges like:

  • An email with the best open rates and click rates
  • Social post gets the most likes, shares, or engagements
  • Landing pages with the most conversions

These mini-competitions are a great way to inspire your team to think outside the box and get more strategic with their marketing approach. 

Media & Entertainment

The media and entertainment is a fast-paced work environment. While the quick pace and fun atmosphere make for great company culture, many of your team member’s daily mundane tasks they’ll likely forget. With gamification software, you can keep everyone’s tasks top of mind. These game elements keep everyone on track to meet their goals and ensure everyone remembers their daily duties. 

Financial Services

Whether you have a tax relief business or own a wealth management firm – there is always something to track. With gamification, financial service companies can see and track the number of deals, projects you finish, or new clients they bring into the firm. You can give badges to top performers to celebrate their accomplishments or milestones with your company to help boost motivation.

Manufacturing & Construction 

If your business has a brick and mortar, you likely have a team of store associates who are in charge of building connections with customers, helping them find what they need, and selling your products. With game elements like progress bars and leaderboards – your retail team will always know who has the most sales and highest revenue. This is a great way to spark some friendly competition in the workplace – and push your sales team to go above and beyond. 

Enhance Your Work With Spinify Gamification Software

Whether you have remote teams in marketing you need to engage or a team training program you’re building out with HR – we’re here to help. Spinify is the best gamification tool on the market. It’s a full-customizable gamification dashboard every department and industry can benefit from.

Whether you’re looking to keep the interns engaged with workweek tasks or want to push your gym employees to get more sales – our platform is the right choice for you. Keen to learn more? Book your free demo today.

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