Celebrate to Motivate Your Team

Celebrate all Milestones

A culture of recognition engages, energizes, and empowers employees. It can mean the difference between failure and success for companies in today’s globalized and hyper-competitive marketplace. Appropriate recognition propels people to go the extra mile in their work efforts. This drives productivity, performance and profits. Celebrating the achievement of goals drives individual and team performance. This is no surprise to most leaders, since recognition and incentives have been used for hundreds of years as a way to motivate team members and instill a healthy sense of competition amongst them.

Share the Celebration

Even the most introverted in the workplace like to be recognized for a job well done. This may be by gathering together to celebrate the achievement of an activity milestone. It might be the traditional ringing of the bell or banging the gong favored by sales teams. Those who experience that winning feeling and the recognition that goes with it will strive harder for future congratulations. And that’s good for business. Organizations use the word ‘culture’ a lot and its important that what they say matches the mechanisms in place, formal and informal, to support employee recognition.

How Our App Helps

Gathering the team together to celebrate a milestone is easy when you have one location and everyone can congregate together. What happens when you have a globalized business? Today you have individuals and teams competing or collaborating on activities across locations. You still want to recognize them and share in their achievements.

Fortunately technology can help. This is especially true for celebration apps that are built mobile first. What if you could sound the gong, like the old days, and it be heard by all team members regardless of where they are: out of the office, on leave or across the world in another city.

We built a virtual gong to do exactly that. The winner of the competition gets to sound the gong on their phone and it be heard around the globe. What a great opportunity to celebrate locally with a gathering and globally so that your organization can maintain a culture of motivation, belonging and engagement and as we all know engaged employees are more loyal and hard-working than their unsatisfied counterparts.

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