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Does Gamification Increase Sales?

August 20, 2020

Gamification gives a boost to many sectors of a company. And the sales department is one of them. Competition, challenges, rewards, prizes, and everything that gamification preaches hugely affect a company’s overall sales.

Although competitions and challenges have always been used to motivate the sales team, we now call the process gamification. The art of gamification lets you attract attention, increase engagement, and sell more.

If gamification is done right, it will surely increase sales in your company. On the negative side, if your company wasn’t successful in applying the right mechanics, the tables can turn in the wrong direction.

But how does gamification increase sales? Well, there are a handful of benefits of gamification that shoot up the sales of a company. Here’s how gamification increases sales.

Link Employees for Collaborative Spirit

Many salespeople work remotely or independently, which can ruin the collaborative spirit. The process of gamification connects sales professionals and encourage collaboration. Competitions and challenges link up the employees with each other.

A collaborative environment helps sales reps to connect and share their knowledge. Everyone gets a fair share of highlighting their opinion and thoughts. This way, low-performers get the chance to seek help from the toppers.

The collaborative spirit pushes everyone to learn and apply the lessons to sell more. Collectively, everyone gets the chance to avoid mistakes and improve their sales game, which eventually results in surprising sales numbers.

Collaborating, sharing ideas, and learning from others open a massive pathway for your team to take the sales department on a whole new level.

Increase In Engagement = Rise in Sales

Gallup’s State of the American Workplace reports, 70% of people label themselves as disengaged at work. The same goes for the sales teams.

If a sales team isn’t engaging, it can significantly affect the overall sales of the company. But don’t worry as sales gamification has got your back! Combat a disengaging salesperson by running competitions and adding challenges.

An engaging sales team will drive innovation and productivity that will help the company to grab more clients. And eventually, more clients mean more buyers, which will aid the overall sales ratio of the company.

Engagement is necessary for the sales team as a bored and indifferent worker can’t sell your product or service. But on the positive side, gamification lets you fuel the element of engagement in your team, which drives sales.

Competition and Recognition

Salespeople are competitive by nature. Gamification helps the company to run competitions and tournaments. For some salespeople, it’s about the prize, and for others, it’s about recognition to win. But for a company, it results in incremental sales.

If you have set-up a competition and a great surprise, your sales team members will do everything to win. Recognition and the joy of winning will motivate others to do well and take the prize the next time.

The competition will make every person in your sales department ace their tasks. And it will help the company to do better in sales.


Sales is a team sport. All the sales team members must work together and communicate with each other to reach their goals. But in many companies, communication doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

One of the many benefits of gamification is quality communication between the team. In the gamification process, your team will use chats, get team updates, and alerts. This will open the gates for your team to communicate and get better at sales.

Communication will help all the members of your sales team to solve problems, encourage each other and record knowledge. Thus, communication in your team will lead your company to secure more sales.

Desire to Win

Gamification adds a desire of winning in the hearts of all the employees. Every member of the team will work hard to win the competition and claim the prize.

The desire of winning will push every member of your sales team to do their best. Furthermore, they will work harder than the rest to win the prize. Eventually, the hard work of your sales team will increase the sales of your company.

Even if some of your sales team members are slow and sluggish, the prize will boost their performance to win the competition. The overall desire to win will push every person in your sales team and this will help your company reach new heights – in sales.

Better Mentorship

Sometimes new and junior sales reps don’t feel comfortable approaching their seniors. And that dramatically affects the sales of a company.

With gamification, the circle of mentorship increases. It creates an opportunity for new members to seek guidance and help from their seniors. Furthermore, newbies learn new tactics and lessons that help them to be successful in attracting clients.

Let’s take an example. Low-performing or new members of the sales team hesitate to seek help from their seniors. This stops their growth and affects the sales of the company. Thanks to gamification, communication, and recognition, it will be easier for seniors and juniors to create an environment of mentorship. 

When new members see an experienced salesperson making sales, they’ll approach them and ask for tips and tricks. It will help the juniors get comfortable with their jobs and increase their performance in the long run.

So gamification creates mentors in the company, which further results in better teams and high overall sales.


Gamification plays a vital role in increasing the sales of a company. Whether it’s by competitiveness or feeding the desire to win, gamification can do wonders in your company’s sales department.

But the success of gamification depends on how you insert it in your sales department. Many companies are seeing jaw-dropping results in the long-term after applying gamification to their sales team.

Game mechanics or gamification adds a lot of vital elements to your sales department. This helps your team members invest whatever they have to make sure that your revenue doesn’t suffer.

Put those insights into practice.

Set your team up for success by improving their performance through gamification.

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