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Drive Better Results and Improve Employee Performance

Driving better results and improving employee performance is a devastating challenge for many leaders. Not all leaders have accomplished this challenge as it requires something out of the ordinary.

For fulfilling the challenge, some leaders tried to recruit the best in the game employees while others applied all the rules from the internet “gurus.” But they failed! So how can you drive better results and improve employee performance without failing? The answer is simple: by applying the rules we’ll be highlighting today.

The six ways we’ll describe below aren’t silver bullets or overnight wonders; they’ll require you to keep them pushing in order to produce real results. Let’s get started!

Use the Power of Purpose

Give your employees the purpose and reason behind their duties and jobs. Explain your company’s why and how it relates to their personal why. Without purpose, your employees will just act like robots.

According to a study, 58% of companies with a clearly articulated purpose achieved a growth of 10%+ over a period of three years. The purpose is directly linked to motivation, and motivation is directly proportional to better performance and more productivity.

Use the power of purpose and remind your employees about their importance in the company. Give meaning to their jobs and duties and illustrate how it’s all contributing to the bigger picture.

Set Goals and Clear Expectations

In order to help your employees contribute better results, you must assign them with achievable goals. Hand out them a set of achievable goals they are required to fulfill along with all the related details and markup.

Setting up goals and clear expectations will help your employees learn about what they must bring to the table. If you haven’t set goals and clear expectations, your employees will be aimless, and you’ll see a drastic decrease in their overall performance.

Lastly, what’s most important is that you set goals and clear expectations according to each employee on your team. Don’t pile up a ton of manual-repetitive work to the person who’s lazy but smart. Assign goals and objectives according to the capabilities of your employees.

Provide Real-Time Feedback

Providing real-time feedback, regardless of its nature, significantly improves employee performance and drive better overall results. Don’t schedule feedback on the basis of months, weeks, or even days. Provide immediate and real-time feedback to your employees so they can realize that their work matters and someone is there to support them.

Next up, be specific when providing feedback. If someone didn’t use an appropriate presentation background theme, point them out on that specific action immediately. Moreover, if you liked the presentation of your employee, tell them about the precise things that hooked you during their presentation and the larger impact of that behavior.

Providing real-time and specific feedback is so underrated. Start making the most of it today and see a boost in the overall performance of your employees.

Promote Public Praising, Not Public Shaming

One thing that hugely reduces the performance of employees is public shaming and correction. Nobody likes to be corrected in the middle of ten to twenty people as it’s embarrassing. Stop public shaming and correction of your employees and save it for private.

Next up, whenever your employees pass a particular milestone or achieve something good, praise them publicly. As a matter of fact, give them a surprise gift and see how other employees will automatically start improving their performance.

Staff and employee recognition works! 69% of employees are ready to work hard and improve their performance if appreciated, a study by SocialCast proved. So from now on, correct privately and praise publicly.

Use Game Mechanics Like Rewards and Leaderboards

If you are experiencing unsatisfactory results and low performance in your employees, it’s time to make use of game mechanics! Fuel up the fire of engagement, motivation, and productivity by setting up contests and competitions amongst your employees.

Use rewards as a constant motivator to help your teams stay hungry for winning competitions and challenges. Set up leaderboards and allow your employees to see who’s on top and who’s near the finish line. Add badges, ranks, and points to make the competition interactive, healthy, and beneficial for your employees.

Rewards, competitions, the urge to topping the leaderboard, getting recognized by everyone, and more will drive better results for your company and increase your employees’ performance levels.


Driving better results and improving the performance of your employees is just a matter of using the basics of human psychology. The ways we have described are just the things to drive great results and boost the performance of employees.

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