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5 Creative Fixes for a Leaking Sales Funnel

Every sales funnel leaks. However, every time it leaks, you lose revenue.

In certain cases, your prospects may not be properly qualified. Good riddance! However, in other cases, you may be
losing your best customers because of a misstep.

Fortunately, there are five creative ways to fix leaking sales funnel.

1. Visualize Your Funnel Information in an Entertaining Way

If you want to fix a sales funnel leak, you first have to identify it. You need to know the exact phase at
which prospects drop off, i.e. leak out of your funnel.

Typically, the tools we use to track our sales funnels are about as exciting as high school algebra. They give us nasty
flashbacks so we procrastinate whenever we have to use them.

The problem is: typical sales dashboards are not made to motivate sales teams to fix funnel leaks.

So if you want to make sure you are using your data, go for a more visual, entertaining sales tracking solution. 

For example, Spinify is a sales dashboard that comes chock-full of gamification
features to motivate your sales teams.

Funnel leaks where?

2. Put Yourself in the Shoes of Your Customers

As an owner or a manager, you can’t see what your sales funnel actually looks like to your prospects.

In many cases, this is exactly what causes leaky funnels; we create sales funnels we think prospects need, not
sales funnels they actually need.

This is why you should put yourself in the shoes of your customers and enter your sales funnel yourself. 

You can also ask like-minded friends or associates to do it for you, and note down what they liked, what they disliked,
and what made them click through and reconsider your offer.

The more honest they are, the easier will you plug your leak.

3. Identify Employees Similar to Your Customers

Don’t forget about your employees when you are developing your anti-leakage strategy. They can be a powerful asset.

Identify employees who fit your target customers and get them all in one room to brainstorm your existing sales
funnel, potential problems, and potential solutions.

Not only can you use this as a team-building exercise, but you’ll also have access to a myriad of different

For example, an employee may say they often buy from companies who send newsletters often. This is a great tip that may
lead you towards improving your email nurturing strategy.

However, you wouldn’t have known this if you hadn’t asked your employees what they thought about your funnel; regardless
of their department.

Get on the phone and set that meeting. Oh, and bring snacks.

4. Apply Creative Solutions to Specific Phases

A leakage problem at the top of the funnel is not identical to a leakage problem at the bottom. The customer’s intents
and journeys are different, so your strategy has to be different as well.

If you’ve noticed leakage at the top of the funnel, you may not be attracting the right prospects.

Reconsider your messaging. You can even use a fun brand
personality test
to see if your business and your customers fit a particular archetype that can improve your

If your problem occurs in the middle of the funnel, you should improve your engagement methods.

Typically, sales reps have to follow up at least 5
times to get a sale

However, if you’re not motivating your reps enough, they may forget how much advancing prospects through the funnel

You can combat this with a simple tool like Spinify which
completely gamifies the sales process, and offers a dash of friendly competition to your sales teams.

If you have a bottom of the funnel leakage problem, improve your response time. The early bird gets the worm; 35-50% of sales go to the
vendor who responds immediately.

You can improve your response time by motivating your
reps with

5. Have Fun with Your Repeat Customers

While you have to keep your eyes on the prize, your repeat customers are a part of your success; they make up 40% of a store’s revenue.

Consequently, you can experience post-funnel leakage, as well. It’s best to add another phase to your funnel –

Keep your customers updated, reward them with promotions and educational resources. And, of course, don’t forget to ask
them to invite friends.

If you’re doing it with a little humor and grace, they’ll always say yes.

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