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Gamification Apps & Remote Work: A Guide

Just because your team isn’t sharing the same office doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

In fact, if there’s one way to motivate your team while you’re working remotely, it’s gamification.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to gamify activities in remote work conditions.

Let’s take a look!

  • Train Your Employees on Remote Work Culture

First things first: training. Successful onboarding creates higher success rates down the line; organizations that use gamified onboarding get a 48% boost in engagement, and their turnover declines by 36%.

And when you’re working remotely, your culture is everything.

How Gamification Helps with Remote Onboarding

We’ll demonstrate this with Spinify, our (sales) gamification dashboard:

First up, you can link gamification to your business and culture goals. Simply add tasks and actions that reinforce your culture.

For example, participating in the community Slack channel.

Then, give new employees points for each of these actions.

You can also expand on this – especially if you want to get new employees right in on the action – by adding tasks such as “calling prospects” that directly contribute to your targets.

Since you can give points for every meaningful action – which includes your culture – your new employees will immediately feel a sense of belonging. 

  • Increase Remote Performance Visibility with Gamification

The second thing you can do with gamification is to increase visibility.

Sure, you’ll know how successful your team was at the end of the quarter, depending on whether they reach the target or not. But with gamification, you can continuously monitor performance and make sure you not only reach the target – but exceed it. 

Log into Spinify, and set the targets you and your team care about.

These can be micro-targets like meetings, calls, prospect research, or even sharing knowledge within the team.

But you can also track macro KPIs like actual sales, closed deals, and revenue targets. 

At the end of the day, you’ve got a team that knows who’s doing what, even if they’re all working from separate ends of the world. 


Performance visibility is crucial to remote work productivity

When your team members can keep track of their efforts and their colleagues’ efforts, everyone knows how much they’re contributing to success. In the long term, it sustains their motivation and keeps them happier

  • Shine a Light on Every Remote Worker

When you’re at the office, it’s easy to drop by someone’s desk and tell them they’re doing a great job. A lot of managers even incorporate 1-on-1s where they help their employees become better professionals.

However, that can get somewhat confusing when you’re working remotely.

Fortunately, tools like Spinify allow you to:

  • Set personal goals for each employee
  • Coach each employee

Remote Workplace Coaching with Gamification

With Spinify, you get access to every employee’s score card.

In there, you’ll be able to review their performance, as well as strengths and weaknesses.

What’s even better – you’ll get personalized coaching insights.

You no longer have to be in the same place as your employee to coach them. Instead, simply check Spinify, and start a conversion that will help them turn into better professionals with coaching guidance. 

  • Foster Remote Teamwork with Friendly Gamified Competitions

If you want a successful team, you need a connected team.

Spinify’s gamified dashboard offers simple and fun contests to keep everyone on the same page. 

You can set up leaderboards with goals that matter to your team. 

This really opens up a whole new world of tracking possibilities; you can track micro KPIs like calls, macros like targets, or reinforce behavior that contributes to your culture.

And when a remote employee meets their goal, Spinify will automatically trigger a celebration for everyone to see!

  • Make Remote Work Fun

Finally, gamification has incredible benefits when it comes to job engagement. 90% of employees feel more engaged when using gamification. 

Spinify allows you to create different achievements, tiers, and rewards so your remote workers stay motivated. 

Forget about routine tasks – every task becomes more interesting if you’re getting rewarded for it!

How Spinify Helps You Gamify Remote Work

Spinify is a powerful gamification dashboard.

It’ll keep your team connected, they’ll cheer on one another, and make sure success becomes the new standard!

And all the while, you’ll know exactly who needs guidance.

It’s time to exceed those targets!

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