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Why Remote Work Will Boost Productivity and Make You Happy

March 30, 2020

Remote work is one of the hottest topics these days. Companies are increasingly switching to working from home because of the coronavirus crisis.

However, 3.4% of the world’s population has been working remotely for quite a while. 

After all, remote work brings plenty of benefits.

In this article, we’re going to show you why remote work will boost your productivity and make you a lot happier.

Let’s take a look!

  1. The Shorter the Commute, the Happier You’ll Be

Raise your hand if your commute lasts an hour or longer. Then, raise your hand if you’re sick and tired of wasting so much time in traffic when you could be spending time with your family.

In fact, commutes that last longer than 45 minutes have extremely negative effects on your family life.

But when you’re working remotely, you don’t have to commute. 

Your work day begins when you take a seat at your table, and every hour counts.

According to SimpleTexting’s research, if you live in San Francisco, you could save 270 commute hours by working remotely. If you’re in Chicago, you could save even more – 294 hours every day. 

And if you’re from New York, then remote work is the best option – you’ll get 343 hours of your life back. 

Ultimately, the length of your commute affects your happiness. The shorter your commute, the happier you’ll be at work, and in life.

      2. No Distractions = Higher Productivity Levels

Whenever you’re working and you get distracted, it’ll take around 25 minutes to regain focus.  

Now imagine your typical day at the office. Sharon coughed, and you raised your head to check if she needs something. Your boss strolled down the hallway, reminding you of a report that’s due. A notification alerts you to a meeting taking place in ten minutes.

Our days at the office are full of distractions.

Conversely, when you’re working remotely, you can create a distraction-free environment.

According to a survey conducted by FlexJobs, 76% of remote workers stated that there are fewer distractions when they’re not in the office. 

So if you work remotely, you’re not wasting all that time regaining focus after something interrupts you. Instead, you’re able to retain focus on your tasks. This is what ultimately causes 66% of remote workers to state:

“Yes, we’re more productive when we’re not at the office!”

      3. Remote Work Saves Money

If you work remotely, you’re not just saving time. You’re also saving money.

According to FlexJobs, remote workers save around $4,000 per year by working from home. 


First of all, there are no commute costs. 

Secondly, when you’re working from home, you don’t have to spend extra money for lunch.

Instead, you can cook and eat at home. 

At the same time, you’ll be able to eat healthier food because you have all the necessary comfort. You’re not forced to survive on sandwiches and fast food.

Finally, if you’re working in office, you can’t just show up to work in your PJs. But if you’re working from home, you don’t need professional wardrobe. You can wear whatever feels comfortable.

In the end, these three factors significantly affect your budget. 

Just imagine all the things you could do with extra $4,000!

       4. Remote Work Allows You to Really Connect with Your Team

Just because you’re not in the same place doesn’t mean you can’t connect with your coworkers.

In fact, if you’re working remotely, you’ll be able to communicate seamlessly and get to know your colleagues on a more personal basis.


With a little help from the right tools.

How Spinify Helps You Work Remotely

If you use Spinify, a gamified sales dashboard that’s perfect for remote work, you’ll be able to:

  • Compete against your colleagues, or with your team
  • Monitor your progress
  • Create fun and engaging contests to make routine work more entertaining

When you’re working in an office, achievements slip by unnoticed.

But when you use Spinify to collaborate with your team, you’re all cheering for each other! 

The team manager can add the most important metrics for your team (for example, sales teams can track deals or simpler activities like cold calls), and you’ll be automatically notified when a team member has achieved something significant.

This not only builds trust within your team, but helps you learn from your coworkers.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to become happier and more productive?

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