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Gamify and Dominate: How Leaderboards Drive High-Performance Cultures

September 12, 2023

Let’s face it: Keeping your team engaged from Monday to Friday can be challenging. Whether your team feels uninspired by workweek tasks or midweek burnout is starting to take a toll on your revenue. As a leader in the workplace, it’s your responsibility to find an innovative way to combat these challenges head-on, ensuring your team is engaged and satisfied. 

A great tool you can leverage to improve engagement levels is leaderboards. This is a game element that can help your team visualize their own success and keep them inspired to reach their professional goals. Every day when they clock in to work, they’ll see how far they’ve come – fueling their motivation to go above and beyond in everything they do. 

We’re here to walk you through how you can use gamification to inspire your team and push them toward their full potential. 

Here’s everything you need to know about leaderboards and other gamified techniques you can use in the workplace:

What is Gamification?

Before we dive in, it’s essential to understand what gamification is and how to use it to your benefit. Gamification is the process of using game elements in a non-game setting. Companies of every size and across various industries can use a gamification strategy to keep team members motivated and inspired with workweek tasks. 

With interactive game elements, you can invite your team to rethink their approach to the workweek and push them to complete all the tasks on their plate for the day. These gamified tools turn mundane tasks into fun experiences for everyone – inevitably improving your company culture and the employee experience.

What is a Leaderboard?

Leaderboards are a game element you can use to track your KPIs in real-time. This visual tool helps your team understand how they stand with the rest of your company. This is a great way to level the playing field and improve transparency and communication. Every day when your team clocks in, they’ll know how to structure their day to slowly climb the leaderboard ranks.

How Gamification Can Improve Company Culture 

There are many ways you can use gamification and leaderboards to improve the workplace experience for your team. Whether you hand out badges for every milestone or host a fun-filled sales competition at the beginning of every month. These small initiatives can improve the experience for each team member. 

It can also help:

Inspires Collaboration and Communication

Leaderboards and other game elements can help foster authentic communication and collaboration among coworkers. These interactive game elements will help you build a high-performing team that thrives on open communication and teamwork. 

Friendly Competition 

Friendly competition keeps the 9-5 interesting! Studies suggest that it can also drive productivity. Every day when your team clocks in to start their day, they’ll feel inspired by the leaderboard. They’ll push themselves to plan their day accordingly and adjust their approach to workweek tasks. 

Keeps Your Team Engaged 

Did you know an engaged workforce can lead to 21% higher profits than a disengaged one? An engaged, successful sales team is a happy team. If your team feels inspired to work every day, you’ll also see a reduction in turnover and higher employee satisfaction. 

Improved Productivity and Efficiency 

Happy employees are 12% more productive than other workforces. While that might not seem like a lot, that 12% can lead to higher revenue and profits. Leaderboards help your sales leaders visualize their success, giving them a roadmap to improve their sales performance. It’s an interactive game element that will push your team to be more productive during the week. 

How to Use Leaderboards to Drive Performance 

There are many ways you can incorporate a leaderboard into the workweek. The beauty of a leaderboard is you can use it in various ways throughout the year. Whether you want to focus on sales, new business, or mundane tasks.

Here are four of our favorite ways to use a leaderboard:

Highlight Top Sales For The Time Period

One of the most traditional ways to use leaderboards in the workplace is to highlight your team’s sales for the month. This is a great way to give the numbers more meaning and show your sales managers where they stand with your company. 

If you plan on using a leaderboard to highlight your team’s goals, it’s best to focus on short-term rather than long-term goals. This will add a sense of urgency and push your sales reps to book a few extra demos or make a few calls for the select period. 

Mini Contests and Sales Competitions 

Sales contests, games, and competitions are tools your business can use to increase engagement and improve your team’s sales strategy. With the help of a leaderboard, you can help your team visualize their own success and keep them engaged with the game from start to finish. 

You can highlight the current standings on the leaderboard during the all-hands meeting at the beginning of the week. You can also present the leaderboard on TVs in the office or the breakroom – the choice is yours!

With a sales gamification tool like Spinify, you can create custom challenges and games every day, week, or month. Our AI-powered tool, Spinify Sidekick, will also help you brainstorm creative competition ideas you can use, so you can get time back in your day to focus on other tasks. 

Use Leaderboards for Mundane Tasks 

Revenue and sales aren’t the only parts of your team’s day you can follow. When you track tasks like demos booked, calls made, or emails sent, you can encourage your team to go the extra mile with every task on their plate, not just the big ones. This is a great way to even the playing field and put more than just your top performers in the limelight. 

For example, let’s say you’re using a leaderboard to track the number of calls your team makes for the week. If your sales team notices falling behind on the number of calls, they’ll feel more likely to set aside some time for prospecting, inevitably improving your revenue over time. 

Get creative! Think about the tasks and workweek responsibilities that aren’t always a priority for your team. With a leaderboard, you can help them re-envision their day-to-day life and give them that extra motivation boost they need. 

Recognition Leaderboard 

A recognition leaderboard is a great way to inspire greatness and improve your company culture. This interactive experience keeps spirits high and recognizes employees. This also encourages your team to go out of their way to recognize others for helping them on a project or putting together a killer presentation for a client. 

A recognition leaderboard will showcase who goes above and beyond every day and leaves a lasting impression on your team members. During the weekly all-hands meetings or department meetings, you can take some time to highlight who’s at the top of the recognition leaderboard. You can also take things one step further by providing a prize or reward for their contributions. 

Build Custom Leaderboards With Spinify

Spinify is a next-level sales gamification software with a suite of game elements, dashboards, and tools you can use to engage with your team and improve team performance. Our leaderboards integrate with Google Sheets, Salesforce, Hubspot, and more. We’ll help you create a full-fledged, personal experience for your sales team so that you can push them toward success in a fun and interactive way. 

Book your free demo today and see how Spinify can help you transform your team into sales supernovas!

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