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How To Create Urgency In Sales

September 15, 2022

Create Urgency In Sales

For many people, owning a business is a dream come true. It can be a great way to be in control of your own career, set your own hours, and make your own income. But, as any sales professional knows, owning a business also comes with its fair share of challenges. One of these is finding ways to stand out in a competitive marketplace and keeping your sales pipeline full.

One sales strategy that can help you overcome these challenges is creating a sense of urgency with your prospects and clients. Urgency can be a powerful motivator. When you use it correctly, it can help you close more sales and grow your business.

So what is urgency in sales? And how can you create a sense of urgency without sounding pushy or desperate? Keep reading to find out.

What Is Urgency in Sales?

Sales urgency is the art of making your prospects feel like they need to buy from you now instead of later. It’s about creating a sense of urgency around your product or service so that your prospects feel compelled to buy now instead of putting it off until later.

Urgency can be a powerful sales technique because it taps into one of our most basic emotions: fear. When we feel like we’re going to miss out on something, we’re more likely to take action. That’s why salespeople have been using urgency as a sales tactic for centuries.

However, sales urgency is more important than ever in today’s climate. In a world where salespeople bombard customers with marketing messages and sales pitches, it’s hard to break through the noise. Creating urgency is one way to cut through the clutter and grab your prospect’s attention.

Why Is Urgency in Sales Important?

There are many benefits of creating urgency in sales. Here are some of them.

You Get to Stand Out

Each year, millions of entrepreneurs across the world launch new businesses. In the United States alone, over 600,000 new businesses open every year.

With so many businesses competing for attention, finding ways to stand out from the crowd is more important than ever. Creating sales urgency is one way to do that. When you can create a sense of urgency around your product or service, you’ll be able to grab your prospects’ attention and get them to take notice of your business.

You Make More Sales

Some marketers have increased sales by 332 percent by creating urgency in sales. Urgency taps into people’s natural desire to avoid missing out. Consumers who feel like they might miss out on something are more likely to take action. Smart marketers know this and leverage the power of FOMO to make sales. The results are amazing. FOMO marketing accounts for 60 percent of all sales.

You Increase Your Average Order Value

When customers feel they need to buy now, they’re less likely to haggle over price or look for discounts. They’ll just want to buy what they need and get over it. If you can create sales urgency, you can sell more expensive products and services because your customers will be less price-sensitive. It’s one of the best secrets to hitting your 2022 sales goals.

You Build Better Relationships With Your Customers

Sales urgency doesn’t have to be pushy or aggressive when done correctly. When used in the right way, it can actually help you build better relationships with your customers.

How? By creating sales urgency, you’re showing your prospects that you’re invested in their success. You care about helping them solve their problems and want to see them succeed. This builds trust and rapport, which are essential for any successful sales relationship.

You Get More Referrals

Creating sales urgency is one way to create happy customers. When you help your customers solve their problems and meet their needs, they’ll be more likely to refer your business to people they know.

Referral marketing is one of the most effective sales strategies because it’s more efficient and costs less than other forms of marketing. It’s also more effective. Referred customers are four times more likely to make a purchase than non-referred customers. Their LTV is 16 percent higher.

You Close Deals More Quickly

It’s one thing to get a prospect’s attention. It’s another thing to close the deal.

Creating sales urgency can help you close deals more quickly because it helps move prospects through your sales funnel faster. When you create a sense of urgency, you’ll be able to get your prospects to commit to a purchase sooner rather than later. When customers feel like they need to buy now, they’re less likely to drag their feet or try to negotiate a better deal.

You Get to Avoid Sales Burnout

Sales can be a mentally and emotionally demanding job. It’s not uncommon for salespeople to experience sales burnout. How can creating sales urgency help?

Well, you’re able to close deals more quickly. This means you’ll have more time to focus on other things and avoid sales burnout.

You Get to Build a Sales Culture

Many businesses struggle to build a sales culture. A sales culture is one where everyone in the company has their attention on selling and generating revenue.

Creating sales urgency can help you build a sales culture because it gets everyone in the company working on getting more sales. When employees see their company’s emphasis on making sales, they’ll be more likely to focus on sales as well. You may also want to spice up things by encouraging healthy competition among your sales team members to help motivate a sales culture.

You Get to Improve Your Overall Sales Strategy

Your sales strategy is only as good as your ability to execute it. Creating sales urgency can help you improve your sales strategy by making it easier to implement. It’s just what your sales performance management may be lacking.

When you have a sense of urgency around your sales goals, you’ll be more likely to take action and get things done. This will help you fine-tune your sales strategy and make it more effective.

Strategies to Create Urgency in Sales

If, after measuring your sales performance, it’s clear that you need to do something, now may be the perfect time to deploy urgency in sales. Here are some strategies guaranteed to generate all the urgency you need to experience an uptick in your sales.

Apply the Prospect’s Theory

The prospect’s theory is a psychological theory that helps salespeople understand their customer’s decision-making process. The prospect theory states people view losses and gains differently. People are more motivated to avoid losses than they are to seek gains.

Salespeople can use this theory to create sales urgency by framing their product or service as a loss prevention tool. For example, if you’re selling cybersecurity software, you can frame it as a way to prevent data breaches and protect customer information.

When you frame your product or service to prevent losses, you’ll be able to create sales urgency and motivate your prospects to buy.

Ask Urgency Questions

Asking urgency questions is a great way to make customers want to make purchases. When you ask a prospect a question, you’re essentially forcing them to think about the consequences of not taking action.

For example, you could ask your prospect, “What will happen if you don’t buy our product?” or “How will not taking action affect your business?” These questions will make your prospect stop and think about the repercussions of not buying from you.

Set Deadlines

Creating a time limit is a great way to create sales urgency. When you set a deadline, you’re telling your prospect that they need to take action now or they’ll miss out.

For example, you could say, “Our offer expires at the end of the day,” or “You need to buy today to get the special price.” These types of statements will create sales urgency and motivate your prospects to buy.

Use Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are a great way to create sales urgency. When prospects see that other people have had success with your product or service, they’ll be more likely to buy from you.

Make sure to include customer testimonials on your website and sales collateral. You can also use them in sales presentations and pitches.

Using customer testimonials can create sales urgency and increase the likelihood of making a sale.

Use Urgency in Your Advertising

You can create urgency through advertising. Use phrases such as “act now” or “limited time offer” to create a sense of urgency.

You can also use images or videos to create sales urgency. For example, you could use an image of a clock ticking down or a person running to catch a bus. These types of visuals will create sales urgency and motivate prospects to buy.

Using urgency in your advertising can create sales urgency and increase the likelihood of making a sale.

30 Questions to Create a Sense of Urgency

The right questions can help boost sales engagement and conversions. Here are some examples to try out.

  1. What’s your company’s size in annual revenue, staff headcount, and client base?
  2. How fast is your company growing?
  3. What are your major areas of revenue generation?
  4. Who are your main competitors, and what makes you different?
  5. What are the biggest challenges facing your industry today?
  6. What’s the biggest challenge your sales team is facing right now?
  7. Why is it important to tackle it now?
  8. Can you clearly define the challenge?
  9. How old is the problem?
  10. Who does it affect the most?
  11. How does your sales process work?
  12. How do you know when a prospect is ready to buy?
  13. What are the main objections you hear from prospects?
  14. How do you overcome them?
  15. Who makes the final decision to buy?
  16. When do you need this solution?
  17. What would happen if you don’t solve this problem?
  18. How will this affect your team/company/customers?
  19. What would be the consequences of not taking action?
  20. What happens if you act now?
  21. What happens if you don’t act now?
  22. How does your boss feel about this problem?
  23. Which aspect of this problem do you find more frustrating?
  24. On a scale of 1-10, how important is it to solve this problem?
  25. What are the long-term effects of not solving this problem?
  26. How will solving this problem affect your job/career?
  27. If you don’t solve this problem, what’s the worst thing that could happen?
  28. Are you ready to take action now?
  29. What’s your budget for this project?
  30. How did you come up with that number?

50 Power Words That Will Help You Sell

1. Now

2. Today

3. Tonight

4. This week

5. This weekend

6. Immediately

7. Soon

8. Yesterday

9. Quickly

10. Rapidly

11. Urgently

12. Fast

13. Swiftly

14. Promptly


16.’At once’
















32.’Turning point’

33. ‘Halfway point’

34. ‘Introductory offer’

35. ‘Limited time only’

36. ‘One-time offer’

37. ‘Special price’

38. ‘Sale ends soon!’

39. ‘Shop now!’

40. ‘Buy today!’

41. ‘Order now!’

42. ‘Sign up now!’

43. ‘Get it while it’s hot!’

44. ‘Going, going, gone!’

45. ‘Hurry!’

46. ‘While supplies last’

47. ‘Satisfaction guaranteed’

48. ‘Free shipping’

49. ‘Easy returns’

50. ‘Bonus offer!’

Tips When Using Urgency in Sales

If you want to experience exceptional sales performance when using urgency in sales, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, don’t overdo it. You don’t want to come across as pushy or desperate. No client wants to feel pressured into a sale. They want to feel like they’re making the decision to buy.

Second, be genuine. Your prospects will be able to tell if you’re being sincere or not. Try to always practice inventory transparency.

Third, make sure you can deliver on your promises. If you create a sense of urgency and can’t deliver, you’ll lose credibility with your prospects.

Finally, use sales gamification. This is a great way to create healthy competition among your sales team and keep them motivated. You can use urgency as a way to add an element of fun and excitement to the sales process. Everyone loves a good competition.

Create Urgency in Sales with Spinify

When it comes to sales, creating a sense of urgency can be the difference between closing a deal or losing out to the competition. Urgency is a powerful sales tool that can motivate prospects to take action and buy from you.

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