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Wood Construction & Remodeling increases the urgency of sales and gets the team to push towards to the top with Spinify


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Quick Setup with Excellent Customer Services

Helped manage a competitive sales team spread out across large distances

Casted incentives to engage and motivated the team out pursuing self-generated leads and closing deals

Excellent Onboarding Experience

Josh is happy with the onboarding process at Spinify, saying it’s “smooth and easy”. Josh shares that Spinify was there every step of the way helping them set up and walking through the process. Patient and Responsive.
…even continuing on after the onboarding process, they’re very responsive to any questions or feedback that you may have. It was usually within the hour or 10 minutes or so. So. They were very responsive. And that’s not something you see nowadays.

Casting Incentives and Competitions to Sales Spread Out Within and Across States

Josh, Chief Product Officer at Wood Construction & Remodelling, runs a competitive sales team spread out across large distances. He shares that they’re more like a sales company who happens to do construction since the sales culture in Johnson city in wood construction remodelling is highly competitive. It was a challenge for him to engage sales members who are spread out in multiple markets that are hours aways from each other.
Josh said that Spinify really helped them “cast those incentives and those competitions out to all of our sales teams and the visual effects of actually seeing whether it’s a bar chart or a raise, whatever that may be. It really kind of enhances the experience and maybe even motivates just a little bit more to reach those goals.”

They recently rolled out a sales incentive called whale incentive. Josh was so impressed to see how Spinify got the team out pursuing self generated leads to beat the top guy who sold a 200,000 dollar home edition. Josh shares that within just two weeks, somebody beats with a 250,000 dollar home edition. “But all that’s attributed to, it’s not out of sight out of mind with Spinify, it’s always front and center. “ he says.

Josh Sanders

Chief Product Officer, Wood Construction & Remodeling

If you’re a leader of the sales team and you’re looking to increase the urgency of your sales and the pursuit of those sales, you should give Spinify a try.

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If you're considering using Spinify to help motivate a large or a smaller team, I would say without a doubt, definitely 'Go for it!'

This is a great feature for the team, to keep things light-hearted even at times when you know the grinds get going and as a Sales team, they get busy!

It’s exciting for management to see the outcomes from those activities, with real time data behind it!

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