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How To Make Your Team More Winning

March 4, 2022

A winning sales team is the main requirement for any organization. However, if your sales team has been struggling for a while, it can be challenging to change their mind into one that breeds winning. When you’ve been following the same habits for a while, they can end up turning into set behaviors.

That’s why to ensure that your team starts winning more, it’s important to change those set behaviors. One of the best ways to stimulate your team and encourage them to change is by employing gamification.

Gamification is one of the most popular strategies that some of the biggest firms in the market are starting to adopt. So, let’s take a look at gamification and how it can help your team adopt a winning mentality.

The Psychology Behind Gamification

Gamification generally follows a very basic concept. At its very core is the concept of positive reinforcement.

Generally, when an individual performs an action, there will tend to be a consequence. The nature of that consequence is what dictates whether the individual will repeat the action or not. So, for example, if an employee performs a particular action badly and receives criticism for it, there’s a high chance the next time the employee won’t perform the task in the same manner.

However, a lot of research indicates that positive reinforcement is a much stronger motivator in comparison to negative reinforcement. If individuals receive praise for a particular task, they’re more likely to repeat the task and improve their performance.

Gamification allows you to effectively embody the principle in a completely digital manner. Through the use of a centralized dashboard, system controllers can manage everything they need and motivate team members.

Modern dashboards even allow you to customize everything to fit the needs of your members best. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the psychology behind gamification and how it changes employee behavior.

How Does Gamification Work?

The number of organizations that are looking to adopt gamification is increasing steadily. It’s a very effective strategy that produces clear results and is easy for organizations to adopt. Gamification involves the use of adopting several game-design elements to standard business operations.

These include the use of mechanics like points, leaderboards, and achievements. All these mechanics play a key role in ensuring that players remain engaged and keep performing consistently at the game.

They translate exceptionally well into standard business operations as well. Here’s a breakdown of how you can incorporate the basic mechanics effectively into standard business operations.


One of the most successful and common video game mechanics is the points system. For performing certain actions in a video game, you’d receive points. The more points you get, the better your standing as a player in the game.

Similarly, the system controller can assign points for certain tasks that the employees perform correctly through a gamification dashboard. The controller has the option to assign the number of points that an employee will receive for a particular task.

Not only will this help motivate employees, but it’ll also let them understand their contributions to the organization better. Organizations will also be able to identify the employees that perform the best and use them as a benchmark.

They can also create balanced teams to help significantly improve performance.


One of the main ways that gamification helps develop a winning mentality in your organization is by maintaining a leaderboard. In games, a leaderboard is an effective way to display what players are achieving the best scores.

It creates a sense of competition and engagement that encourages players to play at their highest level. The same concept translates perfectly well into your sales team and can help create a healthy competitive environment.

A competitive environment is a great way to foster a winning mentality within the team and take their performance to the next level. Instead of a sales team that rests on its laurels, you’ll effectively change your employee’s behavior from trying to take the back seat to taking the initiative and performing at a high level. 

The system controller can select how quickly the dashboard updates and how many positions it includes. You can choose to display all the team members in terms of their ranking or only choose the top 10.

Through this mechanic, you also get the option of pairing up members who are consistently ranking on the top rankings to ones stuck in the middle and can’t seem to progress. So while a leaderboard might look like a simple way of showing how your employees are performing relative to one another, it’s actually a pretty useful strategic tool.

You can even set up leaderboards that track multiple different metrics.


Finally, a rewards system is one of the most essential basic mechanics that can help develop a winning mentality within a sales team. Sales gamification software allow you to create a completely transparent and digital incentives system for your employees.

Instead of simply using money as an incentive, gamification allows you to provide your team members with a variety of different rewards. By setting up a decent reward system, you’ll be able to easily incentivize your employees to perform at a high level.

Another available option is to offer your team members achievement badges for performing certain milestones. They can display these badges on their profiles to showcase their skills. It’ll also show the organization what employees are good at performing what particular tasks.

How Does Gamification Make Your Team More Winning?

If you want to take your team in a more winning direction, gamification is a very effective tool. Now that you have a basic understanding of how it works, here’s what you can expect from your team after implementing a gamification system.

Better Transparency

One of the most effective ways that gamification can help foster a winning culture is by making everything transparent. There’s no way to cheat the system when everything is digital, and organizations can track performance much better.

The matter of what employees are performing the best and which ones are earning what rewards is completely out in the open. When there’s complete transparency in evaluation, it’ll encourage employees to perform at their best possible level.

In a lot of sales teams, the employees worry about whether or not their contributions will be acknowledged. Unfortunately, those feelings can hold members back from performing at their best. By employing a gamification dashboard, you can completely eliminate those fears.

Higher Competition

Another main reason why gamification helps foster a winning culture is by instilling a better sense of competition in the organization. One of the main contributing factors to a team that continues to win and improves with the passage of time is competition.

By maintaining a sense of healthy competition, your team members will push each other to move beyond their standard realms of performance. However, the key to improving through competition is ensuring that it remains healthy.

If the competitiveness becomes toxic, it can actually have a detrimental impact on employee performance. However, gamification allows you to ensure that the competition remains healthy and no employee feels left out.

By assigning rewards for multiple different metrics, system controllers can ensure that things don’t become too toxic.


One of the main issues with sales team performance is that it tends to go up and down. By using a gamification dashboard, organizations can effectively ensure that their sales team maintains a consistent level of performance.

Through the active tracking, points system, and rewards, it becomes much easier to ensure that employees continue performing at the same level. If you can maintain consistency for a while, that will effectively become a winning mentality.


A gamification dashboard is one of the most effective ways that an organization can help foster a winning mentality in the organization. However, it’s essential that organizations implement gamification correctly.


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