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Increasing Work From Home Productivity

March 5, 2020

How to Increase Work From Home Productivity?

There are currently more than 182,000 cases of the coronavirus worldwide. By the time you read this article, that number may have risen. The virus will likely keep spreading. As cities continue to shut down, many people are wondering when they’ll be able to return to the workplace.

Many large tech companies, including Facebook and Amazon, are now having employees work from home. In these uncertain times, it’s a blessing to be in a field that makes remote labor possible. If your staff handles online sales, then they should be able to continue working as usual from the safety and comfort of their own homes. However, for a work-from-home plan to be successful, some key elements will need to be in place.

Factors Involved in a Successful Work-from-home Plan

The ability to handle business remotely is a great thing, but unless your staff remains engaged and productive, the quality of the work may suffer. Finding ways to motivate and encourage remote staff has always been a challenge for management. During a time like this, it may prove to be harder than usual. People are anxious. The need to check the news and engage in discussion about the virus could make it difficult to focus on the task at hand.

There are a few things you can do to encourage productivity while your team members are safe at home.

Communicate to Reduce Problems

Mistakes and miscommunications happen. When everyone is working remotely instead of at the office, they can happen more often. Whether you’re dealing with the coronavirus or hoping to use more work-from-home staff in general, open communication will be key. Team members need to have a comfortable environment in which they can engage with their colleagues. This is especially true for those who are used to working in the house. These team members may struggle with the shock of isolation when handling duties from afar.

Set Goals to Inspire

Without concrete goals, it will be difficult for your sales team to motivate. Telling an employee to “make more sales” may be discouraging. If you instead request 10 more sales each month, they’ll have something clear they can focus on.

There’s a science to back up the process of goal setting. According to research, the brain can’t distinguish between a goal we’d like to meet and one we’ve already completed. This means when we set goals, our brains will kick into overdrive and do everything they can to help us meet them. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter, creates a sensation of pleasure when we reach a goal we’ve been aiming for. This provides even more motivation to reach future goals.

Goals are always crucial for sales staff. During a global pandemic, they also may help staff keep focused and avoid unnecessary worry.

Create Ownership to Promote Involvement

Creating a sense of ownership can be helpful when managing remote staff. Having your team at home will create physical distance, so reminding them that they “own” an important role in the company will be motivating.

What you want to do is inspire your employees to feel like they own their choices and actions. They aren’t simply making sales because it’s their job. Instead, they are owning those sales and viewing them as the personal accomplishments they are. When we take ownership of an idea or action, we are, in a sense, integrating it into ourselves. This creates a much greater drive to succeed.

You can inspire feelings of ownership by recognizing the importance of each employee’s role in the company. If some employees are closing fewer sales than others, they may begin to lose motivation. Remind those who are underperforming that the sales they’ve made are still valuable. Help every team member feel a sense of ownership by recognizing the accomplishments they’ve made.

There’s another benefit as well. When team members feel valuable, they’ll be more comfortable asking questions. This can assist with learning new things that can boost productivity even more.

Use Gamification to Motivate

A little friendly competition can go a long way. Gamifying your company can motivate your sales staff. Not only is it encouraging, but it also makes repetitive tasks more enjoyable. The competitive aspect creates a unifying sense of camaraderie between team members.

Gamification increases creativity as well. When important tasks are gamified, there’s a sense of playfulness that changes the way the employee approaches the challenge at hand. If you have a variety of competitions and encourage creative solutions, you may be surprised at what your team members begin bringing to the table.

Lastly, gamifying your workplace can improve the reputation of your business. When people speak about what it’s like at a company, others listen. A fun and friendly work environment is a huge incentive to apply. Along with attracting a better selection of new applicants, a motivating process will also help you experience less turnover.

Get the Right Tools to Succeed

Even with best practices in place, handling business remotely will be difficult without the correct software. Thanks to Spinify, you can keep your remote employees engaged and motivated to do better than ever.

Spinify is a leading software solution designed to bring a gamification element into your daily routine. The software utilizes TVs and apps to help your staff adopt new processes, take part in friendly competitions, and celebrate their achievements. Fun features like badges and tier levels give staff a sense of pride in their accomplishments.

The software can help managers develop a better sense of the strengths and weaknesses within the team. Since data can be integrated from anywhere, you won’t have any issues using the software with your remote staff members.

It’s safe to say that in the modern world, new surprises will be waiting around every corner. Decades ago, no one would’ve predicted how social media would change the landscape of business. As we continue to welcome new technologies and deal with unexpected challenges, adaptability will be everything. Through remaining dedicated to innovation and offering your remote employees the best solutions possible, you’ll be able to help your company thrive throughout this difficult situation.

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