Managing and Motivating People

You learn a lot about people by managing people and their activities or tasks. You learn the good, the bad and the ugly. Sometimes, it’s hard to distil human behaviour into a few sentences however we will try to do that when explaining the persona of a Sales Representative.

Sales people are driven to win. In research 53% say they thrive in a competitive environment and 30% say they will perform best in a highly competitive workplace.  On personality tests sales people come out as high Drivers (for performance and outcomes) and also as strong influencers of the decisions made by others. Sales people will have played and excelled at a competitive sport, probably held a leadership position at school, college or university. They are confident, resilient and good at multi-tasking. So asking them and rewarding them on multiple criteria is no issue for them, they will work out the best way to win and progress. They view success and winning as a game so will loop for the loopholes, the easy entry and the way to game any plan.

How Spinify Helps Manage People

We don’t want to discourage them, in fact at Spinify we believe in harnessing these qualities to set Sales people on the course to get the strategic outcomes that the company wants in order to achieve their goals.

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