Reading the Plan for Interpretation

As a sales representative have you received an incentive plan that is many pages? How about handed out an incentive plan that is many pages?

It usually contains, small print, algorithms, if/then statements and is entirely difficult to see how an individual can maximize their remuneration from competitions and achieving their target based incentives.

It really defeats the purpose of focusing people on a single track to success which is the best way to achieve the company outcomes you want not just those of the individual workers. Simplify the plan and execute with simplicity.

1501, 2021

Recruitment, Automation, and Gamification

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Are you thinking of automating your recruitment model? Or perhaps gamifying it? Because if so, you’re making a great decision because these strategies can completely transform your business. However, there are a few things [...]

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Serial entrepreneur who loves a deep dive into technology and applying it to solve business problems. Matt recognized that gamification of business activity processes would lead to greater staff engagement, increase productivity and motivate the team to do more, so that businesses sell more and grow more.