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The ultimate cheat sheet to help you make more sales

April 20, 2023

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Your sales reps are arguably one of the most important departments at your company. They’re the face of your business, going out of their way to meet with new businesses and build relationships with potential clients. However, it can be challenging being in sales. It’s expected to close a deal, 80% of prospects and clients need at least five follow-up calls after a demo or client meeting, but over 44% of sales reps give up after just one follow-up. If you have a team filled with sales managers that give up after the first call – you’ll never see results. 

Your sales team needs the motivation to clock in ready to use search engines, emails, and phone numbers to connect with prospects. They must live up to their job title and take on the work week confidently.

Because the truth is: with a strong sales team and a sales process, you’ll scale your business and see the revenue numbers you need to succeed. 

We put together a sales cheat sheet to help you rethink your sales cycle and help push your sales reps to go above and beyond. With these tips and tricks, you can enhance the workplace experience and give your team the tools to stay engaged in the sales process. 

Here’s the ultimate sales cheat sheet for your sales reps:

  1. Use Sales Coaching 

Are your sales reps getting the support they need to connect with new customers? Are they actively going out to buyers and prospects with new deals? Do they need any resources, tools, or software that could help them improve the sales process? If you can answer all of these questions, you need to check in with your team more. 

Sales coaching allows you to allocate time to focus on each individual salesperson on your team. You can understand their unique pain points and have a pulse on what holds them back from reaching their goals. 

Consider setting up monthly sales coaching calls with each individual sales rep. This meeting is a great check-in to see where they are with their goals, plans, and objectives for the month or quarter. 

With software like Spinify, you can use each team member’s sales data to help them come to the table with data-driven responses and ideas. This will also help you set clear expectations for the individuals and help each person visualize their own success. 

2. Set Clear and Concise SMART Goals

Goals are a must-have to drive success! How will you ever know if your team is on the right path towards success without a clear list of goals? Without revenue-based goals and determination, your team may start to slack. 

When setting goals for your team, follow the SMART goal-setting model. 

Here’s what that looks like:

  • Specific 
  • Measurable 
  • Attainable 
  • Realistic 
  • Time-Bound

With the SMART model, you can help your team reach attainable workplace goals. This will give them the confidence to identify opportunities and create a data-driven sales process that delivers results. 

SMART goals also help them plan out their work week. How many calls do they need to make? How many emails do they need to send? Are they booking enough demos and meetings for your services? You can also use these goals to guide your team through the sales coaching process. 

3. Turn Sales Into a Competition 

Everyone loves a little friendly competition, right? If you aren’t looking for innovative ways to turn the 9-5 work day into a fun experience – you’re doing it wrong. With the help of gamification, you can help your team stay interested and engaged with their workweek. 

You can keep your team engaged with the process from start to finish by using interactive tools like sales leaderboards, mini-games, and recognition. 

If you want to use different kinds of gamification in the workplace, here are some tips for getting started:

  • Have a Time Frame: Are you looking at weekly, monthly, or quarterly sales goals? Before implementing gamification, you’ll want to have a set time when the “competition” will be running.
  • Lead by Example: You can only expect your team to clock in to take on their competitors. You must inspire them to do so by leading by example. 
  • Have a Reward System: Rewards make everything better, right? Whether it’s a cash bonus, an extra vacation day, or a paid dinner, these rewards add value to the experience.
  • Make the Experience Fun: Gamification is fun! When done correctly, it can make coming to work fun and interactive.

4. Help Your Sales Reps Visualize Their Progress 

Prospecting can be challenging. In fact, in a recent Hubspot survey, over 40% of respondents agreed prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process. 

To help your team stay on track with their goals, you’ll want to help them visualize their success. With visualization tools like leaderboards and progress bars, you can help your team understand their progress in real-time. 

With the right content, you can help your team use data to restructure their day, improve visibility in the market, get more sales, and connect with prospects. 

For example, if you use progress bars, your sales team can do their own research to understand how many calls they need to make or demos they need to book to come out on the top of the leaderboard. The progress bars will help them successfully plan their day or focus on the selling strategies that deliver results. 

5. Improve the Sales Process With Spinify

Ready to get more from the sales experience? You’ve come to the right place. At Spinify, we have everything you need to engage with your sales reps and help them sell your product or service. 

Whether you’re looking for sales coaching tools, interactive leaderboards, or a simple way to show recognition – we have everything you need. 

With our software, you can fine-tune your sales strategy to meet the needs of your company’s goals. Our platform can help boost your revenue and create a thriving workplace experience for your sales team and everyone in your organization.

Book a demo today to see why Spinify is the ultimate sales cheat sheet must-have.

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