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Taking Sales Enablement To The Next Level

Whether you’re building a sales enablement function in your organization or you’re a part of a well-established enablement department.  You can take sales enablement to a whole new level. How? By simply using gamification.

Today, we are going to explore how you can make use of gamification in sales enablement and take it to the next level. So, pick up your joysticks, and let’s get started.

What’s Gamification?

The basic definition of gamification is simple and straightforward. It’s the concept of using a game or game-like mechanics to a task for encouraging participation.
According to one of the experts in the subject, Karl Kapp, gamification in learning didn’t become popular until 2010.
But since 2010, popular companies are using the science of gamification in exciting ways to encourage participation.
On the sales side, gamification is in everyday activities and tasks. But with a touch of competition, challenges, etc., to fuel motivation and drive performance amongst the participants.

Why Integrate Gamification In Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is responsible for delivering a ton of resources and content in the lives of salespeople.
From specific skill sets to introducing a new tool, sales enablement regularly shakes up the selling routine of salespeople.
Some like it, and others don’t. And the salespeople who don’t like it dump the guidelines provided by the sales enablement. Which ruins the whole point of running a sales enablement department.
However, using gamification breaks this cycle and motivates the salespeople to adapt to whatever the sales enablement department throws at them.
Mainly, gamification taps into the three characteristics of salespeople–competitiveness, creativity, and hustle.
With competition being the heart of gamification, it turns around the heads of salespeople. Why? Because all salespeople like a challenge, and they want to showcase themselves as the best.
Whether it’s a challenge to complete a specific milestone or winning a game, gamification helps bring out the creativity in every salesperson.
Lastly, when you are competing and hustling for a specific thing, you remember it for a longer period. With gamification, a salesperson hustles till the last breath to win the challenge and come out at the top.

The Outcome of Gamification In Sales Enablement

Sales enablement should continually improve the salespeople. With gamification integrated into the sales organization, a sales enablement department can make use of games and game-like mechanics to make the training and change set out by them fun and engaging for the salespeople.
If your organization sees sales enablement as one of the essential roles in the development of salespeople, make sure to use the art of gamification with it.
With gamification and sales enablement shaking hands, your salespeople will enjoy whatever decisions, changes, and commands you’ll see out.

Best Practices For Gamifying Sales Enablement

Start Small & Grow Gradually

Gamification can be one great forte for multiple initiatives in sales enablement. However, just like any other change in the system, you should start small and look forward to growing gradually.
Pick a single channel on which you can easily apply gamification. One option could be integrating gamification in learning. For instance, you can set points to each video lesson and then track the learning progress of salespeople by counting the total score.
Or you can hold a competition and set an end reward for the salesperson who’s going to complete the learning lessons in record-breaking time.
Once you have established a pattern, start implementing it in other channels of sales enablement.

Choose A Launch Opportunity

Just like picking a single gamification channel works, identify one specific context to launch gamification.
A new form of gamification can include while recruiting members for the sales enablement team, increasing sales, training salespeople, etc.
Pick a launching opportunity in a specific context and then start making the most of gamification in all other sectors.

Pick The Preset Games Before Creating One For Your Organization

There’s no shortage of games in sales enablement. You’ll find thousands of games in the frontier of sales enablement to integrate gamification.
We’ll recommend you picking preset games found in gamification software solutions before you create one for your organization. Why? Because it’s better to experiment with the general gamification games rather than investing in a custom game for your organization.
And to be quite frank, the basic games like making teams compete head to head, organizing challenges, etc., do the job for most sales enablement departments.

Final Words

By using gamification in sales enablement, you will experience a whole new level of engagement, drive, and hunger in your salespeople.
At Spinify, we help small, medium, and large scale businesses to integrate gamification in their sales department.
Our leading gamification software has all the tools required to inject the underrated concept of gamification in pretty much every sales space.
If you aren’t sure about us, feel free to book a demo and allow us to demonstrate how our gamification software solution can help you take your sales enablement department to a new level.

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