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Why Sales Gamification Works

November 22, 2020

In this article, we are going to take on Why Sales Gamification Works. Sales gamification has come a long way since its birth. From being a buzzword to something gimmicky, sales gamification was used to label a bunch of different things. But most of them were not actually relevant to actual sales gamification.

But now, thanks to the ever-evolving industry trends, the definition of sales gamification has reached its destination. To review, sales gamification is the application of driving motivational behavior of salespeople through game-design elements, competitions, tournaments, leaderboards, and the like. 

Corporate giants like PayPal, SAP, Decker, and many others are making the most of sales gamification to boost their conversions up to 7 times.  But why does sales gamification work? What’s the catch in it?

Here’s why sales gamification works!

Fuels Collaborative Spirit to Yield Great Results

Salespeople work either remotely or independently; it’s in their nature. But it can hugely cost the collaborative spirit amongst teams. And as the famous quote of Helen Keller goes, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Gamification connects salespeople and encourages collaboration, which results in excellent results. Running competitions and tournaments helps the salespeople to connect and collaborate.

Everyone shares their knowledge in a collaborative environment and it encourages team members to seek help from each other, which automatically paints a more outstanding success picture for your team. When everyone has a collaborative spirit in a sales team, there is no such thing as a “limit” for them.

Creates an Engaging Environment That Automatically Boosts Success

Around 70% of people label themselves as disengaged during work. This means that more than half of your team is just sitting in the office waiting for time to pass. And that can really hurt your sales operations.

Creating an engaging environment in any sales office is necessary. An engaging environment will not just attract everyone to do their jobs, but the team will automatically march towards the gates of success unknowingly.

With gamification, you can easily fight off your office’s dull environment and turn it into an engaging one.

Competition Encourages Every Salesperson to Perform

It’s a fact that salespeople are competitive in nature. They don’t like the pool where there is no competition. With sales gamification, you can run contests, tournaments, etc. to turn on your sales team’s competitive switch.

Every person on your team will be ready and set to compete against their team members to win the competition. Competitiveness will push every salesperson on your team to perform and yield extraordinary results.

And extraordinary performance means that you’ll be getting great overall results from your sales department.

Open Mentorship for Newbies to Reach Their True Potential

Salespeople, especially those who are new to the job, often feel awkward when reaching out to their superiors for help. And it kills their chance of growing and reaching their true potential.

Thanks to gamification, it’s more likely for newbies or lower performers to go and ask for help from their seniors. For instance, when a newbie or a lower performer will see that someone is doing well, they will get inspired and reach out to them for seeking mentorship.

As sales gamification increases the team members’ collaborative spirit, it will also come in handy for newbies or low performers to quickly reach out to their peers for advice.

Amps Up Communication

One of the many benefits of sales gamification is that it increases communication between sales teams. When your team uses sales gamification, they’ll automatically communicate more via chat groups, team updates, alerts, and more.

Communication is an essential element in sales as it’s a team game, not a one-man show. With integrating sales gamification in your sales team, your team will communicate more, which will help them reach their personal goals and team milestones.

Imagine a workplace where team members frequently communicate, solve problems together, share their knowledge, and encourage each other. All this communication opens new doors of success and wisdom for the team.

Gamification Is Fun

Think of you playing a game alone and now compare it to you competing against five of your friends. Which scenario will you pick to make your time full of fun? Gamification involves many people who are competing against each other, which adds fun, thrill, appreciation, and camaraderie.
And when you are having fun, you are not being burdened. And it automatically encourages you to push hard and go beyond your set limits. Sales gamification makes your everyday sales work exciting, fun, and thrilling.

Admit it or not, it’s fun watching yourself rise or your colleague fall and vice versa. The point is, competition triggers fun, and fun activates success. And as the saying goes, “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.

Sales gamification is simple and promises tremendous outcomes. You just need to analyze how, when, and why to apply it to your sales team.

Put those insights into practice.

Set your team up for success by improving their performance through gamification.

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