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Top Sales Training Course & Coaching Sites Online

May 19, 2023

There comes a time in everyone’s career when they need more. They need more of a challenge, more resources, and more opportunities. This helps individuals grow professionally and improve their talents. 

As a sales leader, it’s your job to help your team grow professionally and personally. The last thing you want is for your team to grow too comfortable with their weekly tasks. To ensure your business meets its revenue goals, you should push your team to exceed its sales goals. The best way to do this is with coaching, interactive training, workshops, and learning opportunities. 

In a recent survey, 87% of millennials believe learning and development opportunities are crucial in the workplace. If you aren’t putting aside a budget for your team’s professional development, you could risk losing top talent to your competitors. By putting aside a budget to help them fine-tune their talent and skills, you can improve their workplace experience.

We’re here to walk you through the benefits of sales employee training courses and the top 10. 

Let’s take a closer look:  

The Benefits of Sales Training Courses

training and coaching

Your sales team should always be open to new learning opportunities. These opportunities should push them to better themselves.

Here are three benefits of staff training and coaching that you can look forward to:

Enhance Company Morale

When you invest in your team’s professional development, you’re rewarded with hard work and dedication. Training and coaching sessions will help your team feel valued for their contributions and appreciated by management. Training will also help bolster professional growth and give them more reason to continue their career with your business. 

Improve Sales Skills 

Training and coaching sessions help refine your team’s skills across the board. Whether it’s project management, sales, or communication – your team members will leave the learning sessions as better employees than before. With this new skill set, your team can find innovative ways to improve their approach to the sales process and grow as individuals.

Increased Productivity

Almost any training session your team participates in will team them something new. Whether it’s learning how to use software and tools or a new strategy: These skills and ideas can improve productivity and efficiency. 

10 Sales Training Courses and Coaching Sites

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a hands-on resource featuring tutorials, video learning, and interactive learning opportunities. This tool can train your sales team, supervisors, or managers. LinkedIn Learning will make personalized recommendations based on each individual’s seniority, industry, and position within your company. 

If your sales team uses LinkedIn sales manager or LinkedIn to build customer connections, this is an invaluable tool. This suite of training courses includes over 16,000+ courses for your team to choose from. 

Many LinkedIn Learning courses are free and available for your team to enjoy now. However, if you want to unlock access to everything available – consider upgrading to the $19.99/month plan. 


SalesBuzz is an on-demand sales training resource that focuses on helping B2B sales teams refine their skills and build connections with businesses. Their online training and resources focus on everything from prospecting, cold calling, building your closing skills, and improving your time management skills. 

Their training courses feature a variety of hands-on lessons that can help your team improve their basic everyday skills for the work week. If you want to sign your sales team up for these courses, call and request a quote for your team size.

Spinify Coaching 

Spinify is a gamification sales software that helps leaders in the workplace coach their teams, build strategies, and improve their approach to the sales dynamic. With this platform, you can take a personalized approach to the sales process and personalize your coaching techniques to meet the needs of the individual. 

Our platform helps individuals stay on task and coach poor performers through sales. Spinify has other gamification tools, such as leaderboards, progress bars, and badges. These tools help keep your team engaged and entertained with the workweek. 

Hubspot Academy 

Hubspot is one of the most well-known CRM platforms for businesses in every industry and size. They provide a number of free resources businesses can use to educate their employees. Whether your sales team wants to learn more about marketing, customer service, or email marketing, they can benefit from a course from Hubspot. 

Once your team completes a course, they’ll earn certification from Hubspot. This certification can help them grow professionally and help them grow their resumes. 


This online learning platform is filled with interactive courses and beneficial resources your team can use to improve professionally. With over 200,000+ video courses, your sales team can earn any new skill or technique they want or need. They have classes on prospecting, sales strategies, skills training, and more. 

To help your team grow professionally, consider surveying your team to find resources that align with their future. Most courses offered through Udemy range from $19.99 to $84.99 – making this a very affordable option for professional development. 

Spinify Academy

Spinify Academy helps your leadership team become Spinify masters. Whether it’s learning how to use Spinify with google sheets, data apps, or Salesforce – there’s a worthwhile course that your team can benefit from. Spinify Academy ensures your team is up to speed on all of the Spinify capabilities and knows how to use them to their advantage. 

After they complete a course, they’ll receive a certification, which inspires them to take on every course with confidence and excitement. Spinify Academy is free for anyone that has a Spinify account. All of the courses are easy to follow and filled with tools and tricks they can use to improve their sales approach.


Since 2012, Coursera has helped companies and sales teams with interactive online courses and development programs. This is a leading resource with over 5,000+ professional certificates for working professionals to advance their careers and learn something new. Whether your team wants to grow on their current skill set or learn something new – there’s a class on Coursera they can benefit from. 

Coursera has an enterprise plan that can accommodate teams of 5 to 125. The pricing starts at $399 for a year of access for each team member. To determine if Coursera suits you and your team, we recommend exploring their list of courses to see if your team can benefit. 

RAIN Sales Training

The RAIN Group is a consulting firm with different sales training resources designed to help sales professionals grow professionally. They have sales training programs for everything from prospecting, strategy, sales negotiation, and productivity. They also have many sales training programs made for managers and supervisors. These training programs focus on sales management, coaching, and productivity. 

This is an excellent option if you’re looking for a more personable approach to the sales experience. The RAIN sales training team is hands-on and will help you discover solutions that make sense for your unique business dynamic. If interested, you must contact the RAIN sales training team for pricing. 

IMPACT Sales Training

Improve your approval of the sales dynamic with hands-on training sessions provided by IMPACT. This business offers a variety of sales coaching and training sessions for supervisors and managers. Their resources deliver a personalized approach to the learning experience and help your team grow their skills and grow as individuals. 

They have a subscription-based platform with over 50+ video-based learning experiences, podcasts, and more. IMPACT provides a breakdown of your team’s curriculum for each course they enroll in, so leadership can know your team’s progress from start to finish.

Accelerate Your Sales

The last sales training course to consider is the Accelerate Your Sales training workshop. This workshop invites your team to rethink their approach to the sales process. Through interactive lessons and workshops, they’ll get to improve their sales approach – for the better. 

During this workshop, your team will learn how to tackle live phone calls like a pro, share their favorite sales techniques with others, and get innovative feedback from their peers. If you’re interested in enrolling your team, you can request a free consultation from Accelerate Your Sales to learn more. 

Improve Your Approach to Sales With Spinify

Ready to grow your team’s professional skills? You’ve come to the right place. At Spinify, we use sales gamification and AI to help leaders in the workplace coach their teams through challenges, opportunities, and sales strategies. 

Without a solution, you’ll get access to tools your sales team can use to take their talents to the next level and grow as working professionals. 

Book a demo today to experience Spinify for yourself.

Put those insights into practice.

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