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Prospa is one of Australia’s leading online lenders to small businesses. Unlike traditional lenders, Prospa understands small business owners need faster finance solutions – so you can make decisions quickly and seize opportunities with total confidence.

What do you and your team like best?

The variety of designs and the flexibility to be able to change everything up to keep things interesting and the staff engaged!

What is your primary role when using this product?

My primary role has been the main administrator on the Spinify Account – the back end of the account has been super easy to use and the flexibility in regards to setup is awesome.

What business problems are you solving with Spinify?

Spinify has given the team the ability to track their progress (in real-time) which has helped to motivate and push them to do more – it really has been a perfect fit for the team.

The Results

Spinify has hugely impacted productivity and has really taken the teams competitiveness to the next level!

Looking for boosters for your team’s performance?

Keep your team engaged and motivated to excel with Spinify.

Learn about Spinify's gamification

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Keep morale high and the celebrations going

Motivate your team to do better every day

Play their favorite songs for every milestone

Ring the gong and celebrate with everyone

Add a bit of personality with memes

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Spinify helps nurture a culture of support and collaboration. I definitely recommend Spinify.

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And as an admin of the system, on my end, it’s so simple and hands off. I rarely if ever have to ask for any fixes or help, or feature requests.

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Throw away your whiteboard and get into the digital and your salespeople love it. And it’s a great way to have competition started within your team.

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Gamify better performance

Unlock your team’s potential by making work more engaging.