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Spinify + Radius Fleet Services Inc.


Cheshire, UK


Fleet and logistics


Telesales and Customer Service

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Changed office culture to be more interactive and engaging

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Manager are able to get involved to utilizing the app easily, five-stars support

Creating competitive character of salespeople and changing sales culture with Spinify

Colin Peters is the communications director for Radius Payment Solutions Europe. They had a telesales team and that’s their main way of selling. Being on the phone day in and day out can easily get tiring and so Colin tried to find a way to upload the sales agents in the office including the customer services. Spinify gamification system makes things different. Colin shares that they can now update the world boards and send welcome messages to the new people to the business. The screens get agents attention and engaged team members to move up the leaderboards.

5-stars Support, Easy to Use and Real-time Updates

Colin is satisfied with the support Spinify provided and said, “the onboarding holding my hand, taking us through the processes. “ He also loves how easy the managers can get involved using the app and sending messages to the screens. “We learned within three hours of training.”, he said. Another thing he loves is the real-time updates. It celebrates team members’ success and speaks out loud when somebody takes over somebody else in the leaderboard.

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