Spinify helps create an encouraging, motivating and collective environment and made a huge difference to the business


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Changed office culture to be more interactive and engaging

Manager are able to get involved to utilizing the app easily, five-stars support

Getting All of the Team Involved and Really Celebrating the Wins

Amy Bennett is the business development manager at McGrath Caloundra. Sales culture at McGrath Caloundra is open, inclusive, positive, and supportive. Spinify has been a great tool for them to encourage, motivate, support each other and really celebrate the wins.
What our team really loves about Spinify is that we can tailor it to our team so we can choose our team’s motivation music. We can see when each other has a win. And I mean, really what’s great is that it’s interactive and all on our phone. So we’re not waiting to celebrate in a weekly sales meeting. We’re celebrating the team when they have the success that they have.
Amy shared one of the great success stories of using Spinify is about tracking leads to property management. They don’t have a way to track that previously and now be able to create really fun competitions with a minimal prize to have all of the team involved from the sales to the admin. “…it’s certainly a hot, contested prize of the month and it’s probably our most loved Spinify feature.”, Amy said.

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