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Uplift in Property Listings with increased company culture from Spinify


Canberra, Australia


Real Estate



Ray White Belconnen is an award-winning real estate agency with a high performing team of over 40 sales agents, property managers, marketing and photography specialists and administrative staff.

Ray White + Spinify

In mid 2017, Spinify was approached by a local Canberran (Spinify is headquartered in Australia’s national capital) Real Estate franchise who found us after googling gamification. Scott Jackson, Director at Ray White Belconnen, wanted to better engage his Agents and motivate them to do more of the lead activities that generate a property sale. He knew that the best focus for an Agent, regardless of experience, was on those lead indicator tasks.

How properties are tracked

In Real Estate the lead activities are Property Appraisal and Property Listing. Property Appraisal is the Agent meeting with a seller and giving them a quote on the likely sale price for their property as well as the likelihood of a sale based on current market conditions. Property Listing is when the seller agrees to list the property for sale with the Agent and they move to marketing the property and conducting Open Houses for potential buyers. The Property moves to the next sale stage when it is Exchanged, when the buyer and seller have agreed a price and signed a contract. The final stage is Settled when monies and keys change hands as the new owner takes control of the property.

How Spinify connects with Ray White

The Ray White Belconnen franchise was using a CRM called MyDesktop which was not known to the Spinify team. We reached out to their executive and established a relationship providing API access and an ongoing partnership. Spinify pulls a full range of information about properties, agents and the sales Stages from MyDesktop and revisualizes the data in meaningful and beautiful leaderboards.

The Results

Scott Jackson was thrilled with the initial implementation of his leaderboards, saying: “Spinify is easy to set-up and get a snapshot of team performance on any metric, at anytime. It engages our sales team and brings the office together. Staff can’t help but stop and look at the leaderboards to see who is achieving their target. They love watching the points accumulate and receiving new badges and rising through Tiers. Couldn’t live without Spinify!”

After a few months of use Scott was able to attribute quantitative uplift to his business from using Spinify. These included:

  • 10% activity uplift for Property Listings in first two months of use
  • 19% growth in fee revenue during the first two months of use.
Scott adopted an ambassadorial role for Spinify, unprompted, and word soon spread to other Ray White Franchises. The biggest franchise in New Zealand uses Spinify for Agent and Customer engagement. Spinify’s growth within the Ray White national franchise network continues to grow as more principals and directors see value in the growth opportunities with Spinify.

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