JobAdder + Spinify

Activity Tracked: Placements, Job Submissions, Candidate Activities, Notes

Watch your team members progress against a target as they complete activities and fill job positions. Our leaderboards pull data seamlessly from your JobAdder account.

job positions filled

No coding or IT assistance is required. In the MySpinify setup, simply connect your JobAdder account and create leaderboards in your account.

Leaderboards Get More Business Activities Done

Leaderboards are designed to have an immediate engagement and motivational impact on team members to grow your business results. Setup in minutes.

Team Goal

Get the whole team working together with a leaderboard showing team performance where the goal is for them to send out 50 CVs in one week.

Fuel the Competition

Develop healthy competitive behaviors and see team members performance  skyrocket, when they see who are the top five reps to do 100 activities.

Set the Target

Celebrate anyone who can hit their targets by doing the activities, in a given timeframe. You control the game mechanics and celebrate the victories.

Fire Up the Team

Leaderboards provide visibility for the entire office of business team performance. This helps focus teams to improve their key activities productivity.

What About Me

Focus on individual progress to a target. Reps strive to move up the leaderboard. First rep to 30 activities wins. See them on the celebration screen.

Plus More

We supply out-of-the-box leaderboards or create new ones as you need them, you choose the goals, timeframes, participants, rewards and metrics.

How Running Leaderboards with JobAdder Works

Log into Spinify

Connect directly to your JobAdder account

Create leaderboards from data in your JobAdder account

Setup Is Easy

  1. Login to Your MySpinify Account
  2. Connect JobAdder with Spinify
  3. Set up your Leaderboard
  4. Update data in JobAdder and reps move up the ladder!
Spinify create a Salesforce Leaderboard

Start Today

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