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Spinify brings visibility to the teams and the friendly competition really gets going

Teams using Spinify:
Sales Team

Adding Visibility to the Sales Team Drives Health Competitions

Andrew Campbell is the sales principal at Ray White Redcliffe. Sales culture at Ray White Redcliffe is very competitive. Adding Spinify gamification into their office let them get the visibility they needed to add excitement and get further engaged with their goals.

“As a sales leader in my business, it’s fantastic to have Spinify being automated feeding directly from our CRM so as soon as somebody does an appraisal of a listing or a sales, it feeds straight onto the screen and really adds to that level of competition.”

I would definitely recommend Spinify to any sales leader – having the number in front of people really drives the friendly competition within the office and gets them to excel.

Andrew Campbell


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Ainsley Driver - PRD Nationwide Success with Spinify

“Throw away your whiteboard and get into the digital and your salespeople love it. And it’s a great way to have competition started within your team.Your Content Goes Here”

“If your team works from multiple locations. Any of your team work from home, if you’re looking for ways to reward success and to hold a mirror up to salespeople business, gets Spinify.”