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13 Sales Motivation Ideas

Good salary packages and a great office environment aren’t enough to make your sales team productive and successful, here’s our 13 Sales Motivation Ideas. It takes more than that to build a team that can keep on paddling even in harsh times.

Motivation runs deeper than numbers, and it can help you to bring your sales team on the right track. So without further ado, let’s see the top thirteen sales motivation ideas you can inject into your sales team.

Make Your Team Feel Valuable

We all need a value-check from the people who are around us. Make your sales team feel valuable. Start by praising their work. Then, applaud their efforts and highlight their participation in any success your team has recently achieved. This will ignite the motivation inside them to do more.

Humans aren’t robots. They have feelings, and one of the best feelings is to feel valuable around the people you work.

Help Them Grow

You will never motivate your salespeople if your only goal is to help the company make more money. Don’t take us wrong here, of course; their job is to sell. But they should be able to receive development if they want it, and have leadership that’s geared towards growing in addition to selling.

Help your team members grow in their careers by giving them milestones that aren’t solely focusing on making money. And that’s how they’ll be motivated to do their jobs more efficiently. They might even do their jobs better as a result.
Celebrate Wins, No Matter How Small
Wins, big or small, must be celebrated to ensure that your sales teams’ morale levels stay high. As a matter of fact, small accomplishments are often sidelined and not recognized, which kills the morale of the team members who were behind it. So, celebrate and acknowledge wins to boost the motivation of your sales team.

Let Your Team Pick Incentives

We all are different; what might be appealing for someone can be a mood-killer to the other person. The point is to let your team pick incentives that will work for themselves. As every person is motivated differently, your team will work harder to get their desired incentive. Set a budget range and let your sales team pick incentives according to their choice.

Publicly Reward and Recognize Worthy Members

According to researches, public displays of appreciation can sometimes be as motivating as a raise in salary. Give rewards, recognition, and a dose of appreciation to the people in your team publicly who deserves it. Celebrate their success intentionally and let everyone know they can be the next contender of rewards, recognition, and appreciation.
Fuel and Recharge Your Team
Salespeople have hectic jobs; they need some recharging and fueling to get back the motivation to hustle. Ensure your team is getting enough sleep and a good balance of nutrition to come to the office fully recharged and fueled up. This means understanding the need for work/life balance and being flexible with staff requests.

Manage Your People According To Their Nature

Everyone’s different, right? So you don’t need to lead Phil the way you are leading Sam. Don’t take a singular approach when you are managing a team of salespeople. Lead each person a different way according to their nature. What works for Phil might not be suitable for Sam, so be dynamic and take different approaches when managing.

Make Use of Gamification

Gamification has a ton of benefits, and it has motivated sales organizations to go beyond the expected. Run contests and set up tournaments to make the most of gamification. Just make sure to keep contests, competitions, and games simple, brief, and team-based.

Take Care of Relationships

Finger-pointing, back-stabbing, and contention are some of the factors that ruin relationships, and eventually motivation, in a company. Foster and take care of relationships so that your sales team doesn’t lose the motivation to reach new levels of success. Bring people together, allow them to communicate, and always be available to discuss and support interpersonal relationships within your teams.

Keep Your Team on the Positivity Track

The sales sector can be daunting sometimes, and if your team members don’t have a positive attitude, it can significantly affect their motivation. Keep your team on the positivity track and help them to see good things in the toughest scenarios. Train them to be positive in every situation as it will assist them in keeping their motivation levels high.

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Encourage Your Team to Track Their Wins

Sales reps overthink about setbacks and rejections because they happen more often. And it can drain their motivation. As a manager, you must encourage your team to track daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly wins so they can feel good and stay motivated.

Emphasize Collaboration

Salespeople are competitive in nature. But if there’s a stronger focus on competition rather than collaboration, it can produce negative motivation. Emphasize teamwork and see your team make the most of the positive motivation to reach new levels of success.

Give Work a Genuine Meaning

Real motivation can only be earned if a person knows the absolute value of the work they’re doing. Inject your company’s meaning and values in every meeting and make your salespeople realize their true purpose in the company.

Implement any of these sales motivation ideas, and you’ll see results in real-time!

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