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5 Profit-Boosting Gamification Ideas for Sales Reps

October 8, 2019

Sales reps are the breadwinners of every company. For every client that comes along, you need a great sales rep. However, the job isn’t easy. Often, being a sales representative means spending long hours cold calling, even when the results aren’t coming. It’s easy to lose motivation. So if you want to make sure your sales reps are engaged day in and day out, it’s time to take a page out of the book of gamificationIn this post, we’re going to show you 5 profit boosting gamification ideas for sales reps.

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1. Reward Positive Behavior with Points

One point can go a long way when it comes to sales rep motivation.

The majority of sales teams reward their top performers. However, other reps can feel as though they haven’t contributed to the success unless they’re actively closing deals.

In the short term, rewarding only the top performers will get you maximum results out of them.

However, everyone else will feel neglected and lose even more motivation.

Instead, it’s much better to define a set of positive behaviors that contribute to successful closes and reward individual sales reps accordingly.


With points.

Profit Boosting Ways with Points

Let’s say that you’ve realized that the most important daily actions in your sales team are calls and offers.

Whenever a sales rep makes a call or makes an offer, add a point to their score.

You can do this manually.

However, you can also keep track of a sales gamification tool like Spinify.

With Spinify, your sales reps will be as engaged as they are when they play video games.

You can even go beyond points; set up tiers and rewards, motivating every sales rep. Not just the top performers.

It’ll bring you incredible results both in the short and in the long term!

2. Celebrate Your Reps’ Achievements

A small pat on the back goes a long way towards exceeding your sales quota.

There have been numerous studies on the core problem behind the epidemic of sales rep turnover. It turns out, the main problems are lack of engagement and lack of recognition.

When we achieve the desired results, we’re quick to move on, chasing even better leads down. It’s the nature of sales.

However, if you really want to maximize your revenue, it’s time to stop and celebrate.

How to Gamify Celebration

You could keep track of results and start dancing whenever a sales rep meets their target, or you could use Spinify and play music.

Whenever you rep hits a target (or does something worthy of celebration like win a sale), Spinify will play a celebratory song.

Your reps can choose their favorite songs and stop everything for a moment to celebrate.

You can even display performance data on office TVs, ensuring that sales reps are immediately recognized. Forget about visibility problems; everyone will be able to see them doing excellent work!

Ultimately, you’ll make your sales reps addicted to progress.

When they can see that they’re doing meaningful work which is being recognized, they’ll be more likely to give their 110% every single day.

3. Know Your Players

Before you start gamifying the day away, it’s important to understand what kind of players you’ll be dealing with.

People typically play games for three reasons:

  1. To get the prize
  2. To socialize
  3. To have fun

Your sales reps are going to perform your gamification practices for similar reasons, as well. Some of them will be motivated to collect points because they want the badge, while others are will be in it to feel like they’re improving their skills.

Understanding what kind of players you’ve got on your team will help you choose the best activities.

Different Players, Different Tactics

If you want to motivate prize-seekers, use a leaderboard.

Display scores and rankings which change in real-time, and make sure you set an appealing target – be that your quota or a reward, whichever your sales reps respond to best.

If you want to motivate your social butterflies, integrate fun contests.

Spinify helps you run contests like Elimination and a variety of others focused on motivating your sales reps to work together and achieve amazing results.

Finally, if your sales reps want to have fun, Spinify’s array of gamification features are the right solution.

Motivate your teams with leaderboards, contests, scorecards, and individualized targets. There’s something for everyone!

4. Make Training Fun

Sales training is vital to your company’s success.

Unfortunately, a lot of sales reps are pushed into teams without all the knowledge they need to sell effectively. It’s no wonder; we’ve all become accustomed to dynamic learning environments, so static sales training isn’t as stimulating.

Fortunately, gamification can help.

How to Use Gamification for Sales Training

Profit boosting with gamification by starting off on the right foot.

As your trainees make their way through training modules, make sure you reward them accordingly.

Again, you can use a points & rewards system, or simply sign up for Spinify and make use of all the engaging features.

5. Coach Your Sales Reps with Gamification

Finally, gamification works wonders for sales coaching. Even your top performers may need a guiding hand. And even if everyone’s excelling as expected, you can still find areas for improvement with Spinify.

Review rep performance

With integrated performance-tracking and progress visualization features, Spinify is a great option for sales team leads that want to exceed expectations:

  • Understand how your team behaves
  • Track activity and engagement scores
  • Understand your reps’ strengths and weaknesses

Gamification and Spinify make even the most mundane sales tasks engaging.

And when your sales reps start collecting points, they’ll be motivated by friendly competition and the ability to track their progress. As the sales lead, you’ll get detailed coaching tips based on the performance of individual sales reps.

And in turn, your sales reps will be able to visualize their progress and strive towards greater things. Even if it’s just to get a snazzy badge.

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