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5 ways to get more out of JobAdder

March 21, 2021

Finally, we have rolled out support to integrate one of the world’s most famous recruitment software – JobAdder.

JobAdder can now seamlessly work with our leading gamification software to provide your company with a top-notch gamified experience.

Today, we’re going to uncover five ways you can use Spinify to make the most out of the JobAdder integration.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Track Activities and Outcomes

JobAdder gets integrated with our bleeding-edge gamification software to help you track your employees’ activities and outcomes.

By using the Spinify leaderboard feature along with the data from your JobAdder account, you can set-up leaderboards to motivate your team.

With leaderboards, you get to pull the data from your JobAdder account and create a beautiful leaderboard with scores and rankings of your employees. The leaderboard feature lets you customize the background, colors, layouts and choose competition types.

Leaderboards get updated in real-time as per the rules and regulations you have set for your employees. For instance, if a recruiter fills a job position in your company, their points will automatically increase on the leaderboard.

Lastly, you also get to customize and personalize with your free hand to make your leaderboard more dynamic and suited to your team activities and outcomes.

Celebrate Staff Accomplishments

What’s the point in tracking activities and outcomes if you aren’t celebrating staff accomplishments? With Spinify + JobAdder, you get to celebrate your staff accomplishments in style and with full freedom.

For instance, recruiter A tops the daily leaderboard chart by filling in the most positions. You can tweak the achievements to kick off the celebrations automatically. Moreover, you can set-up custom rules related to your company’s JobAdder account to kick start the celebrations.

Celebrations are fully customizable. From playing songs to setting up custom messages, playing videos, and sharing memes, Spinify + JobAdder gives you control of everything.

Without the Spinify sales gamification software, it wouldn’t be so simple and straightforward to reward your recruiters who are using the JobAdder application. Spinify + JobAdder integration takes celebrations and accomplishments on a whole new level.

Set Goals and Motivate Staff

JobAdder is one heck of recruitment software – but if we talk about setting goals and motivating staff with it, it’s not possible.

With Spinify + JobAdder, you can set goals and motivate your staff in a snap. Connect Spinify with your JobAdder account, and all the information automatically shifts to Spinify. After that, you get to use world-class features like Performance Grid, Score Card, Leaderboards, etc., to set goals and motivate your staff.

You can set specific goals for each employee using the JobAdder account. Then, you can create custom profiles that automatically track how many jobs they have filled and their other activities.

Setting up leaderboards allows you to line-up the employees according to their performance and activities. Ranks, points, and other customization can be applied on leaderboards to motivate staff.

Display data everywhere

Displaying data highlights a bunch of things – what’s going on, what’s done, and what needs to be done. Your JobAdder account has a bulk of information that needs constant displaying – with Spinify; you can do that.

Connect your JobAdder account to Spinify, and you are all set-up to display all the vital information on the big screens. From how many jobs have been filled to how the employees are doing in real-time, the Spinify TV feature lets you display all the essential JobAdder data on TV.

If you have set up leaderboards using the Spinify leaderboard feature, you can also display it via this feature. As a matter of fact, you get to showcase data on unlimited devices so that everyone stays up-to-date.

Whether your team accomplishes daily goals or someone has won a contest you have set-up, the TV feature broadcasts it all on your devices.

Reward Staff For Accomplishments

Last and certainly not least, with Spinify + JobAdder, you get to reward staff for their accomplishments.

By using JobAdder as standalone software in your company, you can’t recognize the employees who are killing it. Furthermore, you can’t figure out which employees are vital for your company, let alone deciding which individuals to reward.

With Spinify + JobAdder, your company’s JobAdder account data gets translated into a meaningful spectrum.

You get to see which employees have fulfilled the most jobs and other activities. And by that, you get to pick and reward the deserving staff for their accomplishments easily.

Spinify lets you set-up exciting rewards according to the goals and regulations you have set. You just have to enter the details once, and Spinify automatically rewards staff for accomplishments based on the standards you have set.

Final Words

At Spinify, we make gamification accessible to every team. Whether you have a sales or a recruitment team, our platform will help you boost your members’ drive and motivation with the science of gamification.

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