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Does Gamification Still Work?

April 23, 2020

It challenges, it excites, it makes even the most boring tasks fun. No, it’s not a magic formula. It’s gamificationGamification entered our scope around 2015 and rose to massive popularity in 2019. But does gamification still work?

Yes, especially considering our changing work environments.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most important reasons gamification still works in 2020, and how you can leverage it to improve your employees’ productivity.

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  • Motivation Is the Key to Success

…and that’s exactly what gamification provides!

According to TalentLMS’ extensive 2019 Gamification at Work survey, 82% of employees state that gamification provides a sense of meaning and purpose in their workplace. 

And if we consider the fact that offices with more engaged employees are 43% more productive, it becomes pretty clear how motivation affects productivity.  

Fortunately, gamification software like Spinify is incredibly adept at motivating different types of workers. 

There are two types of motivation, and Spinify takes care of both:

Thinking about gamification only in terms of direct competition is outdated in 2020. 

Instead, you should use other benefits new tools offer, and help your team members grow as professionals through gamification.

There’s no motivation like the one that stems from self-improvement!

  • Gamification Improves Teamwork

Visibility is one of the most important aspects of contemporary gamification. 

That may not have been the case back in 2015. Today, you can’t successfully gamify your company without allowing your employees to cheer on one another

In fact, 81% of Talent LMS survey respondents stated that gamification improved their sense of belonging at work. 

Gamification creates cohesive, successful teams.

The tricks to Spinify’s gamification approach are recognition and visibility:

  • Keep track of completed tasks, and give points to your team members
  • Whenever an employee achieves something, Spinify will trigger an automatic celebration with music
  • The rest of the team will be able to celebrate their colleague

In the end, Spinify and gamification improve communication across teams. 


Your team doesn’t have to be in the same room, either. They can cheer on one another no matter where they are! 

And speaking of remote teams…

  • Gamification Improves Remote Work Productivity

It’s becoming pretty clear that remote work is here to stay. What started as a response to the coronavirus crisis is turning into an understanding of all the benefits of working from home

The main issues of WFH?

  • Monitoring performance
  • Loneliness
  • Teamwork

Gamification can help with all three, which makes it an absolute dreamboat!

With Spinify, your team will be able to work together from anywhere.

At the same time, you’ll easily track what your team members are doing (while simultaneously recognizing their achievements).  

Remote work loneliness is easily mitigated with gamification. 

If your team members are cheering on one another, they’re staying in touch and strengthening their relationship. This also improves teamwork.

And if your team members start going through the motions and you’re seeing productivity losses, you can easily motivate them by giving them points for every task they complete

Stock up on great rewards in your Reward Store, and you’ll be good to go! 

  • Gamification Helps You Attract and Retain Top Talent

Your business shouldn’t just be competitive on the consumer market – it has to be competitive on the candidate market, as well.

Fortunately, 78% of workers say that gamification during recruitment makes a company more desirable.

At the same time, plenty of companies haven’t implemented gamification yet. They don’t use it to attract, recruit, or onboard candidates. 

If you use Spinify, you’re getting a significant competitive advantage.

Onboarding and training a new candidate is simple. 

Simply add them to the team, and assign special points for their first tasks. Even if they don’t have a lot of experience, they’ll easily get used to it.

At the same time, they’ll love the positive company culture.

They’ll be a full-fledged member of the team by the end of the day!

Drive Results with Spinify Gamification

Gamification has a plethora of benefits; from improving workplace attitude, to improving team cohesion and job engagement. 

But if you want great results, you need great tools.

Spinify will help you turn work into play. 

Soon enough, your staff will be addicted to progress!

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Put those insights into practice.

Set your team up for success by improving their performance through gamification.

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