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Improve Sales Team Accountability with Sales Dashboard

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Numerous sales managers struggle with improving their sales team accountability. It’s all good if your deals won/lost ratio is good.

But when you need to improve your sales team’s results (and you don’t have an easy way of understanding what’s going right and what’s going wrong), things can get complicated.

Since reaching the quota is a group effort (but every individual rep on your team still has to put in the work), it can be hard to hold individuals accountable.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: a sales dashboard.

In this post, we’ll show you how to use a sales dashboard to hold your sales team accountable and reach the results you want.

Let’s take a look!

How Do Sales Dashboards Keep Your Sales Team Accountable?

In psychology, there’s a term that describes the phenomenon of individuals not putting in the effort when they’re working in groups:

Social loafing.

You’ve probably experienced it firsthand in high school. 

Teachers put different people into groups, and then some did the majority of the work, while others waited around for the project to be finished.

If there wasn’t a structured way of tracking individual effort in the project, everyone would just get the same grade based on the effort a few participants put in.

Why does social loafing happen?

So why are groups less productive than individuals? 

Usually, the individual participants feel as though their effort doesn’t matter to the group.

When we’re talking about sales teams, you likely see social loafing occurs when there’s a disparity between top performers and everyone else. 

Top performers visibly boost the revenue. They’re out there, just getting results. It’s not surprising that they get the most praise.

But then revert to the perspective of other reps who aren’t constantly showered with praise and recognition. 

How do they feel?


Your standard and low performers are the ones at risk of succumbing to social loafing. Especially if you don’t track their individual scores and goals. 

While you could technically let some sales reps slack off, you’ll see their lack of effort manifest in the failure to reach your quota. 

Even if they don’t produce as many results per person as opposed to top performers, their results compound to give you a significant boost.

You have to hold everyone on your sales team equally accountable.

How do sales dashboards mitigate the risks of social loafing?

At their very essence, sales dashboards are tools that help you visualize performance and results. 

When your sales team’s progress is displayed clearly and transparently for everyone to see, there’s no room for social loafing. 

Sales dashboards also allow you to track a variety of metrics; from the actual sales targets to individual behaviors that drive success.

Finally, they offer a way of recognizing the effort of every single sales rep on your team.

Instead of celebrating only your top performers (as their results are the most visible when you are not using a sales dashboard), you can now celebrate every rep on the team for all the actions they take. 

And according to a Psychometrics study, 58% of employees state that recognition is a great way for leaders to improve employee engagement.  

Ultimately, sales dashboards are an incredible way to:

  • Motivate your reps
  • Boost your results
  • Ensure your sales teams’ long-term success

So, how do you do it?

How to Hold a Sales Team Accountable with a Sales Dashboard

Recognition may be a vague, shadowy term, but accountability is not. Holding your sales team accountable for a sales dashboard is an exact science.

Step 1. Choosing the right sales dashboard

First things first: you’re going to need a good, reliable sales dashboard.

Technically, you could create a sales dashboard in Excel. However, that won’t go very far towards keeping everyone accountable.

It’s best to choose a solution that uses real-time data from your sales and CRM software. Ideally, you’ll also be able to display the leaderboards or performance grids on office TVs.

Spinify is a sales dashboard tool endorsed by numerous sales leaders because it allows you to:

  • Track what matters
  • Motivate your reps
  • Display results clearly
  • Recognize and reward effort

Step 2. Choosing the right KPIs

When it comes to using sales dashboards for holding your sales team accountable, you need to think broader than just general metrics.

Instead, focus on success-driving behaviors.

Track KPIs that recognize individual reps’ effort:

  • Activities (e.g. calls made)
  • Outcomes
  • Goals and achievements

Again, the key to mitigating the risks of social loafing (and ensuring that you consistently produce results) is sales team accountability

And in order to hold every rep on the team accountable, you need to monitor their individual activity. 

Step 3. Make sales activity transparent

According to a study, 55% of sales reps love competition.

So if you want to hold your team accountable, you can leverage their competitive spirit to increase transparency and success rates.

The easiest way to do it is with sales leaderboards.

Sales Team Accountability with Leaderboards

They make it easy to calculate individual and group scores and present them in a neat, engaging way. You could display your entire sales dashboard on your office TVs, but it’d be just too much information.

With leaderboards, you’re showing your reps what they care about: the results, and how they compare to everyone else.

If you use Spinify, you can even set up contests and give out points for successfully completed activities. When a rep hits an important target, they’ll even be able to choose celebratory music.

Spinify Can Help You Improve Your Sales Team Accountability (and Have Fun Doing It)

The best results come from accountability and engagement. And in sales, there’s nothing like a little gamification to do the trick.

Spinify uses a tried and true formula to help you keep your sales reps accountable for their results, while also giving you a way of recognizing and rewarding their effort day in and day out.

From personalized targets and leaderboards to contests and coaching suggestions, Spinify will help you reach new heights.

Try Spinify today!

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