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How to Motivate Your Sales Reps While They’re Working from Home

March 22, 2020

The world is in a tizzy over the novel coronavirus. Chances are, you’ve just received news about having to work from home. All your reps are coming to you and asking how to proceed. And while you’re navigating the world of working from home, complete with tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, you’re forgetting one very important thing: Remote working is lonely, and it can affect your sales teams’ motivation. In this article, we’re going to show you how to motivate your sales reps while they’re working from home. 

Let’s take a look!

What Does COVID 19 Mean for Sales Teams and Remote Work?

Let’s be real: this situation has barely started. There won’t be a vaccine until 2021 at the earliest.

Working from home may be the new norm

And even after this crisis ends, your higher-ups may decide to have you working from home. After all, it significantly reduces costs.

Because of the coronavirus, you and your sales team will have to navigate a new way of working. It’s easy to motivate your sales reps in the office, with office TVs displaying leader boards, and managers constantly checking upon them.

But at home, your reps are left to their own devices. It can be a challenge to motivate sales teams when there’s no immediate contact. 

The second problem might be loneliness. Forget water cooler chit-chat. It’s every rep for themselves. It’s a struggle to motivate your sales team when everyone is on their own!

The solution?


How Gamification Motivate Your Sales Reps During the Coronavirus

The majority of sales tasks can get boring. They’re routine; from sending emails to researching prospects. It’s up to the employer to find ways to motivate their sales team. 

Now, in an office, reps can always take a break, go chat with a colleague, or get a cup of coffee. But when they’re at home, it’s easy for them to run out of ways to motivate themselves. 

Gamification helps a lot. It applies gameplay elements like point scoring to make mundane tasks more entertaining. As a result, you’ll motivate your sales teams and increase the number of sales they make. 

In fact, 87% of employees state that gamification makes them more productive.

Finally, gamification has a competitive aspect. Great gamified sales dashboards like Spinify offer leaderboards and contests. Holding a sales contest is one of the best ways to provide employees with motivation and promote healthy competition in the company. 

Reps can track their own performance in comparison to their previous results and their colleagues’ results. It allows organizations to identify which team members are contributing the most to the sales process. 

Ultimately, gamification kills two birds with one stone: it improves productivity among your sales rep and sales managers while making sure they’re motivated.

Here’s what you can do to implement gamification right away:

  1. Define Your Objectives and Target Behaviors

Before you get to work, it’s important to define your goals and actions that will help you achieve them. Without these, it’s very difficult to identify the effectiveness of your sales process. 

When establishing your goals, make sure you use the SMART method and identify important KPIs.

For example, your team’s goal may be to convert 50 customers within a month.

This is where gamification makes things interesting.

In addition to tracking your goals, you can also track the behaviors that lead to positive outcomes.

For example, reps have to perform 2 hours of prospect research, get in touch with the prospects, and send them the right offer to convert them.

If you only track goals, your reps will get demotivated fast. It also means that you completely shut off one avenue of performance that you can analyze. 

But if you use Spinify to track all the positive behaviors that contribute to the desired outcome, your reps will be motivated and your company will get great results.

You can track:

  • Completed calls
  • Completed tasks
  • Qualified leads
  • Created opportunities

And much, much more! The bottom line is that Spinify will help you effectively set goals and analyze key areas. It’s also great to help motivate your sales team. 

  1. Choose a Gamification Tool

Your second step should be choosing a gamification tool.

We recommend Spinify – a completely gamified sales dashboard.

Spinify not only gamifies your work, but also helps you monitor performance, coach your sales reps, and improve your results. It’s a program that’ll motivate sales to go up. 

You can:

  • Set up sales leaderboards and competitions
  • Give sales reps points for doing well
  • Exchange points for rewards
  • Understand every rep’s performance
  • Coach your team

Spinify also has special benefits for sales teams working from home:

  • Increased visibility – See who is doing what, and how they’re doing
  • Real-time results – Understand your performance at a glance
  • Individual goals – Set individual goals for every rep to keep them engaged
  • Motivate your reps – Celebrate achievements and get your team excited
  • Connect – Help your reps feel like they’re part of the team, even if they’re working from home

Spinify will help you achieve everything you would’ve achieved at your office, and then some.

Without a proper gamification program, it becomes almost impossible to implement the strategy. Where Spinify excels is helping ensure that every business can personalize the dashboard according to their needs. 

You can motivate sales through Spinify by providing employees with detailed metrics on their performance. It’s also a platform that’ll effectively let you hold sales contests. The contests can play a great role in motivating employees and boosting the company. 

  1. Personalize the Experience

The appeal of working at the office is the atmosphere. You’ve got your Joes with their jokes, Mary who always has the hottest insight, and the happy hour Friday nights.

Unfortunately, this is not an option during the COVID-19 crisis. The crisis is responsible for driving many a team to their breaking points. Team members need to consistently spend time together to boost sales. 

Gamification can help you bring a positive workplace atmosphere closer to everyone working from home.

Simply customize the look and feel of your Spinify dashboard. Allowing your sales reps to play a role in designing the dashboard is a great source of motivation. Your team will start to post better sales numbers if the individual members feel ready for action. 

In addition to adding the metrics and goals you care about, you can also customize:

  • Visuals
  • Contests
  • Tiers
  • Levels
  • Badges

And much, much more!

But if you use Spinify to track all the positive behaviors that contribute to the desired outcome, your reps will be motivated and your company will get great results.

At the end of the day, motivation is important. However, measuring the impact of that motivation is even more important for a team. Not only will Spinify help recognize who gets the most sales, it’ll help measure other important metrics as well.



  1. Recognize and Reward Sales Reps Working from Home

Just because you’re not next to your reps doesn’t mean you can’t see how well they’re doing.

If you use Spinify, you’ll be able to automatically trigger achievement celebrations.

Did jasmine reach 100 calls? It’s time for an impromptu party with music and rewards!

These little things can go a long way in helping motivate sales teams. If your team is working from home it can be difficult to reward them accordingly. 

That’s where the achievement celebrations feature becomes so useful.



  1. Create a Sense of Unity with Gamification

Your team can still be cohesive, even when everyone is working from home.

Healthy competitions reinforce friendly workplace culture.

If your team is feeling lonely, you can set up team competitions.

Divide your reps into teams, establish your goals, and let them have fun while staying productive.

How Spinify Can Help You Motivate Your Sales Reps During the Coronavirus

This is a hard time for every sales team. But when you use Spinify, you’ll be able to keep your reps motivated.

With their eyes on the prize, there isn’t a target you won’t be able to hit!

Start your free trial now

Once you get Spinify motivating your remote working team is no longer a challenge. Companies have been struggling with keeping their employees motivated while working from home. 

Even though it’s entirely possible for employees to perform to make money and sales at home, it’s much easier to lose motivation. 

Here are a few ways that Spinify can help with motivating salespeople to perform better. 

Divide Modular Tasks 

One of the biggest advantages that Spinify provides is that it lets you effectively set up gamification. Using the dashboard, you can effectively split up larger tasks into portions that individual teams can perform. 

These teams can compete with one another and create a healthy sense of competition while working from home. There’s nothing that boosts employee engagement like a little bit of competition. 

Spinify will allow the manager to assign tasks and actively provide employees with feedback. The provision will help ensure that the employees receive the necessary support and can perform easily. 

Not only will dividing up tasks modularly give individual teams the incentive to compete with one another but, it’ll also help increase collaboration. 

As employees will have to interact with one another in multiple different capacities, it’ll promote healthy and positive communication. 

By dividing the tasks, leaders can give incentives to employees to both compete and collaborate with one another.

Flexible Goal Setting 

A great advantage of implementing Spinify to support remote workers is that it allows leaders to set flexible goals. 

The Spinify dashboard features a dedicated dashboard that features goals that organizations can set for their employees. It gives managers control over what direction the sales team is taking. 

By flexibly setting the goals, leaders can help ensure that the employees perform the task that they desire! These goals also help provide remote employees with a direction. 

Once they have proper goals, there will be more incentives for them to perform and achieve those goals. An employee that doesn’t have any goals as a reference, will lose focus fairly quickly while working from home. 

Engaging the employee during their work from home period becomes easy with the Spinify dashboard. By being able to engage the employees while they’re working remotely, organizations can make the most out of their stipend. 

Not only will Spinify help ensure that managers can set flexible goals for the employee, but they can also control the direction of the business. 

If it’s about ensuring that the employees focus on their long-term goals, then they can set the goals accordingly. Similarly, organizations can also implement goals that focus on the short-term. 

Spinify goals will ensure that the whole team has a unanimous direction and performs optimally. 

Remote Rewards

In combination with being able to customize work goals, organizations also have the ability to set up automatic rewards for their employees.  These are rewards, that will trigger themselves after the employee reaches a certain goal. 

Organizations can set these remote rewards to help encourage their employees to participate more. Spinify allows users to create their own custom rewards. 

Another feature of the dashboard is that it helps ensure that the correct people always get the reward. As the whole system is automated, there’s no way the organization can interrupt and reward people without any merit. 

The dashboard offers so much flexibility, that organizations can set up a system, where the whole team receives a notification when one employee receives an award. This will help improve the level of camaraderie and promote a sense of healthy competition in the environment. 

Benefits of Gamification

The main reason why Spinify is such a useful application and software is that it has full automation support. It allows organizations to effectively gamification while their workforce is at home. Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits of gamification. 

Improved performance

Statistics indicate that gamification will have a significant impact on the performance of an organization. Organizations that employ gamification, tend to show much better sales than their competition. 

Gamification helps ensure that the sales process, becomes infinitely more rewarding than it was before. As everything is designed as a game, there are points that employees can earn. The employees with the most points are the sales leaders and deserve additional compensation. 

Another reason why gamification improves performance is that it lets employees see how they’re doing against one another. By letting the employees see their position on a leaderboard in real-time, you’ll encourage them to do better. 

Greater employee engagement

If an organization wants to do well in the long-run, they need to ensure that they retain their best workers. However, in such a competitive market, it’s difficult to offer the best deal all the time. 

That’s where employee engagement comes in and makes a difference. Organizations, where the employee has higher levels of engagement, will perform better and the turnover rate is lower as well. 

Properly implementing gamification helps ensure that the employee enjoys a lot more engagement in the workforce. The game-like nature of the business process makes workers more excited to perform the tasks. 

Not only are they eager to do tasks, but they’ll also communicate better with one another and have a better time overall after gamification. 

Furthermore, gamification makes it easy for organizations to understand performance and reward the workers that are performing the best. 

Implementing gamification also helps ensure that organizations can focus on employees that are showing up positive in other metrics, but aren’t doing as well as the top-performers. 

Rewarding these employees can take their performance to the next level. by implementing gamification, the business will maximize its chance of success. 

Stay connected

A proper gamification strategy is one that encourages your teams to work and communicate with one another. 

As a remote worker, it can become very challenging to work through the whole day on your own. Gamification ensures that employees communicate with one another as much as possible. 

Certain gamification programs even offer communication application integration to facilitate organizations. 

Control the strategy 

Managers can control the strategy to a completely different level after they implement gamification. Aside from setting major strategies, under gamification, managers should break down larger tasks into smaller activities and assign those activities to different teams. 

Aside from doing that gamification provides organizations with so much control over the business strategy. According to their need, business’s set goals in gamification. 

The flexibility gives them the option of setting up both long-term goals and short-term goals. By prioritizing one or the other, organizations can effectively control their strategy. 

Summing up 

If you’re a business owner that’s looking for a comprehensive solution for gamification, look no further than Spinify. 

It features an easy-to-use interface, customizable dashboard, and flexible goal setting. The software covers all the bases that you’d desire from a gamification program. 

Get Spinify now and watch how it transforms your organization!

Put those insights into practice.

Set your team up for success by improving their performance through gamification.

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