Spinify Supports ANU TechLauncher

In 2017 we blogged about our intern experience with the Australian National University.

ANU run a program called TechLauncherwhich enables students from any discipline to develop the research and professional skills required to use technology to bring great ideas to life and have a positive impact on our society.

Of particular interest to Spinify are final year undergraduate engineering and computer science students, or Masters students. Under the TechLauncher banner these students are placed with a company for an entire year.  Students are given an outlined project and attend the workplace at least one day a week.  The company benefits from fresh ideas and knowing it is contributing to the work experience and skills growth of young Australians.

Spinify 2018 Intern Approach 

On a hot summers evening day at the end of February we fronted up to the ANU to once again pitch our two projects to the 420 registered students. Spinify CEO, Matt Bullock  did the first pitch which focused on the technical skills Spinify was seeking for 2018. He pitched two projects.
1. Interconnecting Web based Apps to Spinify. Spinify already has a number of integrations to popular data Apps and we are asked constantly by customers to connect to new CRM’s and data sources. This project will give the respective team an understanding of how companies partner together to improve the customer experience and deliver better business results.
2. Creating a customizable UI for the front facing customer experience. This project builds on Spinify’s existing TV display solution and looks for enhancements that make it easy for customers to have a fully personalized experience of setup and ongoing use.
Ready, Steady, Pitch

Pitch by Matt Bullock, CEO Spinify

In our second pitch, Sheryle focused on the “big problem” we are trying to solve. We want to help organizations close their productivity gap by engaging, motivating and coaching staff to higher levels of activity and better company outcomes. Many students are interested in making the world a better place and this includes the workplace.


Sipinify is an active participant in the local startup and business community in Canberra. We are pleased to be able to provide opportunities for local University attendees to experience a fast paced, customer centric and agile environment. They also benefit from mentoring by Spinify CEO Matt Bullock, an extremely successful entrepreneur as well as coaching from the whole Spinify team.

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