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What are the Comp Components – Competitions

May 12, 2016

In the Spinify gamified Comp I have a number of pieces. Firstly the competitions are called Games. A Game implies urgency, excitement, and competition. The competition may be between individuals or between teams. There are a number of game components. For the launch, we have four Game Components

  1. Over the Line – This component has multiple participants and they can be individuals or teams. There are two ways an Over the Line Game finishes:
    1. When the first individual or Team (aggregate score of all team members) reaches the target;
    2. When all individual participants or all Team members reach the target.
  2. The Race – has multiple individual participants. The Race Game finishes when the winners (usually First, Second, and Third ) reach the target. The Sales Manager or Game Administrator can set up how many placed winners there are and if the Game is for individuals or teams.
  3. Tug of War – the Tug of War id between two Teams. The Game finishes when one team reaches or exceeds the target measure and there is a specified Gap between the score of the two Teams.
  4. Countdown – is an elimination game that focuses on poor performers within the Game criteria. At random intervals spread across the Game the person in the last place is eliminated. The countdown ends when there is only one participant left. A Countdown Game may have a minimum threshold target that the winner must achieve in order to receive the reward. A Countdown may provide a Second Life to a participant who has been eliminated.

Then for every Game component, we have gamified theme – this might be Rocket Ship to the Moon, Carnival Ducks, Raceway, and many more.

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